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Stephen Harper
PM of Canada
Hu Jintao
President of China
Wen Jiabao
Premier of China
Jacques Chirac
President of France
Dominique de Villepin
Prime Minister of France
Horst Kohler
President of Germany
Angela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany
Abdul Kalam
President of India
Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Supreme Leader of Iran
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
President of Iran
Jalal Talabani
President of Iraq
Nouri al-Maliki
Prime Minister of Iraq
Giorgio Napolitano
President of Italy
Romano Prodi
Prime Minister of Italy
Emperor Akihito
Emperor of Japan
Shinzo Abe
Prime Minister of Japan
Roh Moo Hyun
President of South Korea
Han Duck-soo
Prime Minister of South Korea
Felipe Calderon
President of Mexico
Jan Peter Balkenende
Prime Minister of Holland
Pervez Musharraf
President of Pakistan
Shaukat Aziz
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
Mikhail Fradkov
Prime Minister of Russia
King Abdullah
Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia
Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero
President of Spain
Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House
Condoleeza Rice
Secretary of State
Ben Bernanke
Chairman of the Federal Reserve
John A. Thain
Robert Greifeld
Abdallah Salem el-Bidri
Secretary General of OPEC
Paul Wolfowitz
Head of World Bank
Rodrigo Rato
Managing Director IMF
Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General of UN
Jean-Claude Trichet
President of European Central Bank
Jose Manuel Barroso
President of Commissions EU
Hans-Gert Pottering
President of EU Parliament
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
President of Council EU
Robert C. Byrd
President pro tempore of the US Senate
Steny Hoyer
Democratic Majority Leader
John Boehner
Republican Majority Leader
John Roberts
Chief Justice of US Supreme Court