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What disorder is characterized by 2 distinct identites/personalites?
Dissociative identity disorder formaly called multiple personalities disorder
Primary purpose of DSM is to do what?
Describing symptoms/to provide descriptive criteria for diagnosing mental disorders
The assesment method that would have the most validity and reliability
MBPI~ Meyers Briggs
What are projective tests
project your personality on a ink blot
What type of psychological tests are used to infer motives,conflicts,unconsious dynamics on bases of persons interpretation on ambiguous stimuli?
Projective tests are based on what types of assumptions?
Psychodynamic assumptions
One of the worries people have is: Am I NORMAL?
The author says it is normal to fear being abnormal normal to have problems
What is the chief characteristic of general anxiety disorder?
Continuous uncontrollable anxiety or worry
What disorder involves disturbances in emotions, loss of interest in ones usual activities, thoughts of hoplesness, fatigue, loss of appetite
Major Depression
According to the textbooks discussion of dissociative disorder each identity appears to have its own
memories, preferences and personality traits
Mental health professionals who are sceptacle about multiple personality disorder provide several reasons for position, which isnt one
Through consideration of hte symptons revealed that MPD is actually psycogenic amnesia=dissociative disorder
What is a psychodic disorder marked by disallusion, hallucinasions, incoherant speech, emotional glatness, loss of motivation
Some people with schizophrinia with draw into their own world sittin for hrs wothout moving what tyoe of schiz is this
Catatonic scitzophrinia
Do cases of scitz vary in servenity duration and progonsis
Yes they do very all diseases vary
Research on the prognosis for recovery of scitz suggests
Many people learn to control the symtoms and maintain good family realationships
The tragic case of Andrea Yates lead to the disgushin of metal dosorders and personal responsisbilty
people who camit crimes need to face the condequences of their behavior but individuals suffering from psychological problems need the compassionate of society
When a friend is suicidal it is imp. to remeber that...
Most suicides occure during acute crisi and once people get through those crisis the desire to die fades
After the attacks on the World Trade Centers on 9-11 many people across the USA developed emotional sympotoms vast majority of htese people...
were healed by the passafe of time and support of friends
2 dominant approaches to understanding addiction and drug abuse
biological and learning models
The biological and learning models differ..
According to the learning model addiction is a way of coping and alcoholics need to find better coping methods

According to the biological model the solution is medical treatment and group support
DSM4 definds substance abuse as a mal adaptive pattern of sub. use leading to clinacally significant (All the following except)
Bezare imagery of sex
Which of hte following will be useful in reducing a patients agitation and dillusions
Antipsychotic drug
Which of the following drugs are most often prescribed by physicians in general practice to patients who cpmplain of depressed mood, anxiety or panic
Which group of drugs has no side effects but do produce inpleasent physical reactions like constipation, weight gain, headaches, dry mouth , delayes orgasm
People suffering from bi-polar are often helped by takeing what
Lithium carbonate
Which of the drugs much be given in exactly the right dose b/c too little wont work but too much is toxic
Lithium carbonate
A person may have short term success with antipsychotic or antiseppresants drugs but b/c of hte side effects _% of people stop taking them
1/2 to 2/3
This treatment is called _________ someones depression is being treated by placing electrodes on both sides of head and current is triggered
ECT have been used successfully to treat ________ that has not responded to other treatments
severe depression
Psychosurgery is defined as
any surgical procedure that destroys selected areas of the brain thats believed to be involoved in emotions disorder or violent behavior
_____ is defined as a method originally developed by Sigmand Frowed invasising of unconsious motives and conflicts through free association to dreams and memories
___ occurs when a client responds to his/her therapist with unconsious emotions or reactions such as conflicts about parents
What school of therapy has as one of its primary goals insight into unconsious motives and feelings plus a change in the clients symptoms
Psychologists who practice behavioral therapy focus on what>
Current behavior and attitudes
What school of therapy has as one of its primary goals the modification of self-defeating behaviors
The ____ school of therapy has as 1 of its primary goals the modification of erational or unvalidated beliefs
Cognitive therapys greatest success has been in the treatment of
mood disorders
What therapist focus on the inner private self that exists beneath the external masks we present to the world
In client centered therapy the therapists role is to do what?
Listen to the cliens needs in a excepting non-judgemental way and offer unconditioned positive responses
What school of therapy has as one of its primary goals self-exceptons and self-fufillment