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The biological distinction between males and females
The genitals, organs used to reproduce the human race
primary sex characteristics
bodily development, apart from the genitals, that distinguishes biologically mature females from males
secondary sex characteristics
an individual's preference in terms of sexual partner:same sex ,either or neither sex
sexual orientation
the significance a society attaches to biological categories of male and females
a society's unequal distribution of wealth power and privilege between men and women
gender stratification
distinguishing and differentially evaluating males and females
a social institution that unites individuals into cooperative groups that oversee the bearing and raising of children
A social bond, based on blood, marriage or adoption that joins individuals int families.
A social group of two or more people related by blood marriage or adoption who usually live together
Family unit
a legally sanctioned relationship, usually involving economic cooperation as well as normative sexual activity and childbearing
the family of parents and siblings one is born into
Family of Origin
a family unit including parents and children, but may include other kin
Extended Family
A social construction. it is created by people and is part of that people's culturee. it is an integrated set of ideas by which a group explains life and death