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The communication message and the medium are essentially the same?
Most written forms of communication are personal?
Subordinates that are "know-it-alls" will tune out bisses by way of preconceived notions?
The monthly producation status report flows upward in most large organizations?
Leadership power is a granted right?
Free-rein leadership means managers share decision-making authority with subordinates?
Most operating committees and task forces are decision-making bodies with subordinates?
A deviation is the gap between "what is" and "what should be"?
There is usually a direc correlation between the complexity of a control and the amount of confusion it generates?
Operating budgest include profit budgets?
Organizational quality of work life (QWL) is initiated by:
All of the following are speficic reinforcement types expect:
The two variables that the Ohio State University studies revealed were _____ & ______ structures.
consideration and initiating
A very unique feature of the team concept of quality circles(QC) is that all QC members are_______:
The first step in the process of team building is to ________:
assess feasibility
The management function in which managers establish performance standards is _____:
Within the control process, variations from standards will initially appear during the phase of _______?
measuring performance
One approach to human asses accounting ________:
attempts to assign a dollar value to each employee's contribution to the company's profit.
Power that comes to people because of the kind of personality or personal attractivness they have to others in known as:
Product development teams are specifically designed to:
create new products
Operations management experts must be continually focused upon productivity and quality.
CIM is a computerized system that orchestrates people, information, and processes to produce quality outputs efficiently.
Today,managers realize that a large inventory can indicate wasted recources.
Information that is not useful or valuable is mere data
Management of multinational companies must possess a vision and strategy toward one global market.
With decentralization, you get tremendous speed at the local level.
Planning elements of international managers are very different from the planning elements used by domestic managers.
Work involvement and an extension beyond work requirements reflect a job.
Ethical dilemmas are similar to the expression, "Your damned if you do-your damned if you don't".
It is middle management's job to ensure that its organization's cultures support ethical conduct and social responsibility.
The advantage that a flexible manufacturing system (FMS) has over computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) is that:
FMS can be adapted to produce different products
Program evaluation review technique (PERT) is a basic scheduling technique known as:
a network
Information supplied to managers is data that has been
An important feature that decision support systems (DSS) offer managers is that they are:
_____ reflect performance within work requirements; however, _____ reflect extensions beyond work requirements.
Jobs; careers
Careers tend to unfold through a series of _____ stages
The ethical process that states that employees should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated is called the:
Golden rule
To manage an information system effectively, an organization must confront the which of the following:
evaluate the systems operations
overcome resistance
enable employees to use the system
all the above
In the eyes of the _____, quality is the serviceability and value gained by purchasing the product.
Career planning includes a series of activities to help make informed decisions that include which of the following:
identify opportunities
match skills to career-related activities

all the above
The means by which a sender transmits a message is called the:
Images, actions, behaviors, facial expressions, gestures and body language used to transmit messages are considered:
nonverbal communication
Face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversations that take place in real time and allow instant feedback are called:
interpersonal communication
Informal communication channels are often called, collectively, the:
cluster chain
The specialized or technicial language that develops in trades, professions, and other groups is called:
Nonverbal communications are rarely used in business
The word selection of a speaker or author is called jargon.
Managers utilize upward channels of communication to transmit goals and policies
The more levels that information has to pass through, the more it can be filtered.
A predetermined belief about a group of people is semantics
Physiological of psychological conditions in humans that act as stimuli for behavior are called:
All of the following are levels of Maslows hierarchy of needs except:
Herzbergs hygiene factors in the workplace include:
the worker's job security
In McClelland's need for achievement theory, the desire for friendship, cooperation, and close interpersonal relationships is called:
Alderfer combined which of Maslow's needs to form the "existence" needs category:
physiological and sagety
Having good relations with supervisors affects an employee's quality of work life (QWL):
A theory Y manager assumes that work is a natural event and that subordinates will seek and accept responsibility for that work willingly:
According to Maslow, only unsatisfies need can influence behavior, and those needs are arranged in a priority order of importance:
According to Herzberg, money is a motivator:
Content theories emphasize the needs that motivate people:
According to Hersey and Blanchard's life-cycle theory of leadership, mature and experienced subordinates are suited to _______ work environments.
A manager who makes a decision and then announces it to the group is using _____ leadership style:
Fiedler's model of management that suggests a manager should choose task or employee focus according to the interaction of situational variables is the:
contingency theory
Leaders who adopt a focus on tasks emphasize the use of all of the following except:
using teamwork
Formal authority grants ______ power:
The free-rein style of leadership works best when the parties have expert power:
Influencing others with one's abilities, knowledge and experience is using one's expert power.
Another name for legitimate power is charismatic power.
The two axes of The Leadership Grid reflect concerns for results and concern for people.
According to Blake and Mouton, a leader with a high concern for results and a high concern for people is a 1,1 on the Leadership Grid.
The extent to which members are attracted to the team and motivated to remain together is called:
Which team member's role is to propose new solutions, new meathods, and new sytems for team problems:
Which of the following is not a stage of team development:
The phase in team development in which team members progress toward team objectives, handle problems, coordinate work and confront each other is called the _____ stage:
Which of the following is a characteristic of the traditional view of conflict:
conflict is to be feared
By definition, groups that don not regularly meet are still a team.
One advantage of using teams is free riders.
Avoidance is a strategy use to ingore conflict.
A team where members promarily interact electronically is called a virtual team.
A storming stage occurs when a team engages in disagreement and conflict.
A variant decision support system that allows griups focusing on a problem to interact with one another and to exchange information, data and ideas is known as a(n):
group decision support system
When top menagement directs and controls all functions of the computer information system through a chief information officer, the system is said to be:
The merging of a company's human and technical knowledge assets is known as:
knowledge management (KM)
A computer program that is specifically designed to execute specific sets of tasks such as word processing is known as:
an applicantion program
Which of the following is the top computer use for employed persons 25 and over:
Along with its technology, information is an organization's most vital resource:
Users should be invlved in the information system's design:
Training and development programs can reduce employee's resistance to change and help them use the information system.
A characteristic of the digital era is the transition from digital to analog technology.
Bank automated-teller machines (ATMs) use transctional processing.
The concept that measurements provided by the control process will reach the proper decision makers when they are needed is the concept of:
Control costs must be measured against the benefits provided by those controls. This is the concept of:______
economic feasibility
Computer monitoring of customer service telephone calls is an example of which type of control:
A validation process to ensure measurement accuracy and standardization is known as:
a QA system
Controls can generate:
antagonism and support
both a and c
A risk manager is primarily concerned with the insurance requirements of the business.
Today companies are emphasizing feedforward and feedback controls:
Controlling is the function that brings the management cycle full circle:
Effective controls do not have to be integrated into the corporate culture:
Multiple surveys can reveal perceptions but don't show when they were formed:
Expert systems, software programs. security systems, decision support systems and networks are all _______ control techniques:
management information systems
________ provide estimates of revenues and expenses for a given period of time and serve as the standard for measuring the firm's performance, because it allows managers to compare actual revenues and expenses to projections:
The following are steps in the budget development process except:
determining how to set up the company's financial statement
Which of the following is a possible disadvantage of internal addits:
lack of objectivity in reporting
A minimum dollar amount of sales within a specific time period to justify an employee's salary is a(n):
sales quota
Assessing the investment worth of employees is called human asset accounting.
An organizational unit that contributes costs, revenues, profits or investments is called a financial responsibility center.
Fixed assets are assets that are normally converted into cash within one year from the date of the balance sheet.
Marketing reasearch is a feedforward control technique.
Bottom-up budgeting is also known as grassroots budgeting.
Which of the following dimensions refers to the extent in which the dominant values in society emphasize assertiveness and acquisition of money and things:
The addition of an export manager to the marketing department is a common step in which phase of moving to a multinational structure:
pre-international division
Differing standards of living, tax rates, host-country competitors, and levels of inflation are all significant elements of which multinational staffing concern:
Americans tend to gain a great deal of personal identity through personal achievements. That is becasue American society ranks high in terms of:
A company is considering going international in order to increase its market share. This is an example of a _______ motive.
As the value of the U.S. dollar rises against that of another country's currency, that country's products and services become less appealing to U.S. consumers and companies.
A quota places limits on annual imports.
An emerging management discipline used to improve understanding and interaction between cultures is called cross-cultural management.
An expatriate is a home-country national with overseas experience.
The stability of a country's government and its political ideology is part of the economic environment.
Which of the following are considered strategies for career development:
developing networks
A strategy for career advancement that involves the highlighting of a person's abilities, talents, and contributions for those people in the organization who influence promotions and advancements is called:
organizational visability
In developing mentor relationships in the workplace, the mentor:
should be someone well thought of and succesful in the organization
A strategy for career advancement that involves bui9lding long-term, two-way interaction based on shared ideas, personal relationships and common experiences is known as:
Which of the following is not a cause of negative stress for managers in an organization:
consistency within the company
Jobs are long-term in comparison to the longevity of a career.
Stress is always deconstructive.
A sponsor is a superior that promotes a subordinate's talents:
Networking involves a two-way, long-term interaction:
Performance evaluations and recommendations for promotion often involve a substantial degree of subjectivity: