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lotfan vakhti havâ târik shod cherâghâr ra rowshan kon
Please switch on the lights when it gets dark
emruz ruz e khubi bud!
Today was a nice day!
Anârâ ye Iran kheili khosh mazzand
Iranian pomegranates are very delicious.
âyâ in Farhang e Englisi beh Farsi mofideh?
Is this English to Farsi dictionary useful?
Toop az panjereh oftâd pâein
The ball fell from the window.
Chekadr darbâre ye târikeh Iran midooni?
How much do you know about the history of Iran?
Yeki barâye hameh, hameh barâye yeki!
All for one and one for all!
Emruz vakti zang zadi beh daftâreh karam, tanhâ budam
Today when you rang me at my office I was alone.
Tou (dar) Landan hamishe trafikeh!
There is always traffic in London!
Fereshteh-ha tou(dar) âsemoonâ zendegi mikonand
Angels live in heaven.
Ye chi behet begam kowl bedeh asabâni nashi, ghaza sookht!
I tell you something, but promise you wont get angry, the food burnt!
Bache gereye mikone, fekr mikonam shir mihkâd!
The baby is crying, I think she wants some milk!
Emshab mahtâb kheili zibâst.
Tonight the moonlight is beautiful
man aks-haye siah-o-sephido (ra) doost dâram
I like black and white pictures.
Tou yek ketab khoondam ke Shiraz zamâni pâytakhte Iran budeh.
I read in a book that Shiraz was once the capital of Iran.