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qualitative observation
an observation made without numbers
quantitative observation
an observation made with numbers
metric unit of mass
metric unit of volume
matric unit of distance
metric unit of weight
definition of mass
measure of the amount of matter in an object
definition of volume
amount of space something takes up
definition of weight
measure of the force of gravity on an object
tool used to measure mass
tool used to measure liquid volume
graduated cylindar
tool used to measure solid volume
tool used to measure force
spring scale
tool used to meassure length
meter stick
definition of manipulated variable
factor that you can change
definition of responding variable
the factor that changes as a result
definition of controled variable
all but one variable is constant
definition of ecosystem
living and nonliving things in an area
definition of habitat
a place where an organism lives and provides things it needs to live
definition of producer
an organism that can make its own food
definition of consumer
organism that obtains energy by feeding off other organisms
definition of decomposer
organism that breaks down large molequels from dead organisms into small molequels and returns materials to the enviornment
definition of food chain
series of events where one organism eats another organism and obtains energy
definition of predator
carnivor that hunts and kills other animals for food and has adapttations to help it catch its prey
definition of prey
what a predator eats
definition of pioneer species
1st species to populate an ecosystem
definition of primairy sucession
changes in an area where no ecosystem exists
definition of secondary sucession
changes i an area that occor after a disturbance in an ecosystem
definition of energy
the ability to do work or cause change
definition of kinetic energy
energy of movement
definition of potential energy
stored energy
an example of kinetic energy
toy spring unwings
an example of potential energy
lift a book from a desk
metric unit of force
metric unit of work
metric unit used to measure speed
2 parts that make up a wheel
wheel and axle
three examples of work not being done
1. moving a car stuck in snow
2. holding books
3. holding something in place
what happens to an objects momentum if mass is increased
momentum is increased
definition of energy
the ability to do work and cause change
definition of gravitational potential energy
potential energy that depends on height of object
definition of energy comversion
changing fron one form of energy to another
definition of respiration
cells break down simple food molequels to release the energy they contain
definition of photosynthesis
plants and other organisms capture light energy and make other food from carbon dioxide and water
what type of energy conversion happens during respiration
chemical to thermal
what type of energy conversion happens during photosynthesis
electromagnetic (radiant) to thermal
what is the shape of the moons orbit around the sun
at what angle is the earths axis tilted at
why do some parts of the world have 4 seasons when others have 2
some get more direct sunlight
what are seasons on earth caused by
the tilt of the earths axis