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Illustrates how systems work; not completely accurate
Limitations of Models
Can be too simplified
3 Models of the origin of the universe
Big Bang, Oscillating, Steady State
Big Bang Model
Universe started as a single point and exploded; Universe is constantly expanding
Oscillating Universe Model
Universe has cycles of expansion and contractions
Steady State Theory
Universe is static; Universe has always looked as it does now
Edwin Hubble
Classified galaxies by shape
What are the 3 shapes of galaxies?
Spiral (milky way), elliptical, and irregular
Limits the amount of UV light that reaches the skin
The higher the SPF...
The longer amount of time you can spend in the sun
Probewear is good for...
collecting and graphing multiple sets of data
What is the significance of the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram?
It allows scientists fo classify stars and predict how they change over time.
If the frequency of the wave changes, than what part of the wave changes?
Sound Wave
Requires matter to move energy
What type of electromagnetic wave has the highest frequency?
Gamma rays
What is the best software to use to create an outline and graphic organizer?
Concave lens
thinner in the middle than at the edges
Light rays come together to form an image
Excel is best used for
Warm matter rises to the tops as cooler matter sinks down to the bottom; ex: pot of boiling water
Most weather systems travel west to east. What is the main cause?
Global Wind Patterns
Density of cold water vs. warm water
Cold water is denser