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Introduce an unrelated item to take attention away from something else
Red herring
Compare two things that are not really alike
Faulty Analogy
Teaching teens about sex & birth control is like taking an alcoholic into a bar.
attacking your opponents argument
Ad homien or Name calling
calling defendent evil and a criminal
funny at first but deeply critical
Misuse of humor
"can't we just impeach him from the waiste down" towards clinton
use in the argument, what he is actually trying to prove
Begging the Question
"we need to outlaw dangerous pornographing"
Argues in circle with out giving my real facts
Circular Reasoning
There aren't enough parking spaces because there are too many cars
People have always done/believed it this way
Past belief
but seniors have always had open campus so it's wrong to close campus meals
try to persuade by knowingly use wrong info.
Incorrect Fact
cable rates have been $19.91 for years now they jumped to $50.14 in a month
quoting only a part of the whole to support your argument
Quote out of context
catching phase or empty slogan will solve the trouble.
Quick fix
when guns are outlawed, outlaws will not have guns
only 2 choices are given in a complex issue, one right one wrong
"America:love it or leave it"
appeal to emotions or reader
Ad populum "To the people" appeal to emotion
positive: God or Liberty
something in the past might have happened that would make todays things different
Contray to fact
had not driven drunk would be alive today
use quotes or information from a person who is not an expert
False authority
Kirby Puckett says everyone loves baseball
feel sorry 4 agree with me bc u feel sorry 4 me
Appeal to pity
please don't send me to prison; my children will starve with out my income
If you can't prove somethings true then false its what it must be
Appeal of Iggnorance (UFO fallacy)
I believe in flying sausers and aliens no one has ever proven they exsist
rich famous and or well known person claims to be an oridinary person
Plain folks
Politions say they are average
believe this and you'll be rich
Snob Appeal
Drink Dew and your life will be an adventure
based an argument on weak evidences
Hasty genualization
everyone is doing believes it
26,000,000 wear Doc. Martens
during attack fucus on other things but relates to issue
Straw man
conclusion is not the result of the facts
non sequitor (it does not following)
if apple pie is made from apples and corn bread is made from corn, then what are dog biscuits made of
mistaking a time relationship 4 a casual relationship
post hoc (after this; therefore;because of this)
give 1 simple cause to an effect
the car accident was caused by bad weather
i failed the class because the teacher doesn't like me