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What is the concept of ORM?
To mitigate risk and to increase operational effectiveness
Different types of tag out procedures
Yellow: Used for caution
Red: Used for danger
What are the principles of ORM?
a) Accept risk when benifits out weigh the cost
b) Accept no unnecessary risk
c) anticipate and manage risk by planning
d) make risk decisions at the right level
What are the steps to ORM?
1.) Identify the hazard
2.) Assess the hazard
3.) Make risk decision
4.) Implement controls
a) Engineering
b) Administrative
5.) Supervise
What equipment is found in the CESE TOA?
Lights, generators, MPHT (Mobile Power HVAC Trailer), Cooling units, vehicles, TSP
What vehicles are part of the CESE TOA?
LSSV: Light service support vehicle (Pick up truck)
FL80: 15 ton truck
HMMWV: High mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle
What does MHE stand for?
Material handling epuipment (forklift)
What does WHE stand for?
Weight handling equipment (crane)
What form is DD Form 1970
Motor Equipment Utilization Form (trip ticket)
What is "organic CESE"?
materials required in TOA to perform the mission
What is "augmented CESE"?
Materials not really needed/ things we can borrow (gator)
What is an SF 91?
Mishap report
What is SF 94?
Statement of witness
What is DD 518?
Accident card (a "note" if the person is not there)
What is a BEEP?
Battalion Equipment Evaluation Program

used for mass turnover of equipment, tracking peice by peice
What is the P-300?
Management of CESE
"Bible of CESE"
CESE SOP: how to do everything
What is the P-307?
Management of Weight handling eupiment guide
Equipment management (Red Book)
What are the duties of the Equipment Officer?
overall incharge of CESE
Duties of the operations supervisor?
ensures maintenance and usage is done properly
duties of the dispatcher
Controls CESE
Duties of the Equipment Yard supervisor
"Yard Boss"
in charge of vehicles and yard. where vehicles are placed, cleanliness, saftey of vehicles
Duties of License Examiner
person in chare of driving exams
duties of operators
person in charge of the ard card and the vehicle
what is the OF/346
US gvmt motor vehicle operators ID card
What does TASK mean?
Total Automotive Safety Kuwait
What is the 11260/2
Dispatcher Log
What is the RSSC?
Radar-Sonar Sirveillance Center (MOC)
What is the mission of the RSSC(MOC)?
To provide command and control for waterborne assets for the purpose of protecting ports and harbors.
What are the major systems of the RSSC?
What does RADAR mean?
Radio detection and ranging
What does SONAR mean?
Sound navigation and ranging
What is the purpose of the TSP?
Remote radar and video surveillence
What is the relationship between the TSP and the RSSC?
The TSP is the "eyes and ears" of the MOC
What does the GPS antenna do?
tells where the MOC is
What does the sensor platform do?
Mounts the camera and radar
What does the microwave antenna do?
wi/fi that connects to the GDFS
What does the PDB (power distribution box)do?
Powers the TSP
What does the Furuno Radar Antenna do?
Sends out radio frequency
What does the ECU (environmental control unit) do?
cools the EEU
What does the EEU (electrical equipment unit) do?
Encloses the electronics
What are the duties of the Comms Operater?
responsible for keymat, TS Log, verifying comm plan, loading crypto for the boats
What does the generator watch do?
responsible for the overall condition of the exterior lines, conditipon and generator fuel
what does the coastwatcher do?
sits in the mounts and provides further eyes and ears on the water
what does te gdfs operator do?
relays info to the watch supervisor/officer and is in contact with the boats
wat does the access/security watch do?
controls the coming and going inside the moc
what does the GCCS operator do?
relay tracking info and recieves tracking info from the GDFS. Takes care of OP Notes
what does the TSP operator do?
operates the TSP and remote TSP
What does the watch supervisor do?
responsible for the way the watch is run (turnover, breaks, liason with secuirty team leader, informing the watch officer, conduct of the watch, recommendation on the course of action)
what does the watch officer do?
in charge of the tactical employment of the MOC and has "Batteries release authority"
What is the purpose of the GDFS?
displays video and radar surveillance
how many people does it take to set up the TSP?
4 to set up and one saftey person
what is the difference between expeditionary Harbor Defence and Homeland Harbor defence?
The coastguard is for homeland, NCW is for deployment
what is the goal of inshore surveillance?
to provide littoral support to facilitate traffic control, force protection, harbor defence and harbor approach defence
what is the prupose of vessel traffic control?
to prevent accidents.incidents
what is the AN/PRC-117
VHF/UHF radio
What is the AN/PRC-150?
HF radio
what kind of antenna does the PRC-117 have?
Omni directional
what kind of antenna does the PRC-150 have?
Large antenna
what is the lensatic compss used for?
measuring directions and anle sin the field
what is relative bearing?
a bearing taken on an object relative to the ship's heading
what is true bearing?
posittion form N on a compass
what is LOP?
Line of posttion
How far is one nautical mile?
2000 yards
what is the formula for set/drift?
What does the "set" mean in set/drift?
How fast you are going in the water
What does "drift" mean in set/drift?
drift is where I am in the water
What does set/drift mean?
how far you shifted on course based on the waters movement
how are charted depths measured on the water?
how do you measure distance on a chart?
longitude lines
what are the two types of radio net?
Directed and Free
What is the directed net?
ask net control permission to access the net
what is free net?
talk whenever you want
what does MINIMIZE mean?
minimize transmissions of material for message traffic.
Who has to sign the "Minimze"?
the CO
what is admission control?
allows certain transmission over the net so the enemy has trouble picking you up
What does EEFI mean?
essential elements of friendly information
what is the name for VHF/UHF crypto?
What is the name for HF/SATCOM crypto?
what is a beam width?
BEAM WIDTH: The angle between the directions, on
either side of the axis, at which the intensity of the
radio frequency fields drops to one-half the value it has
on the axis.
what does gain mean?
the gain refers to the direction of maximum
What is omnidirectional?
Its gain is uniform in every direction.
What does RADHAZ mean?
radiation hazard
What does CUDIX mean?
common user digital information exchange subsystem
What is the purpose of the CUDIX?
to transmit messgae traffic
What is the purpose of the NAVMACS?
used to send and recieve message traffic
what are tactics used by terrorists?
bioloical, propaganda and vehicle bourne IED's
where do the target options come from?
the terrorist group leader
what is selection surveillance?
photo/eyes on/2nd party intell
what is target selection?
best access, easiest to hit
what is detailed surveillance?
changed appearence
what is training and preparation
training everyone
what is 'The Attack"?
communication between the leader, the group and the cells. the attack is initiated by the leader.
what are the 4 terrorist threat levels?
green- low
blue- moderate
orange- significant
red- high
what are the FPCON?
What is FPCON A?
random ID check
100% ID Check, random bag and vehicle check
What is FPCON C
double watches, crew serve wit entrenchment, 100% car, bag and ID check
Whst is FPCON D
essential person in and out
what does it mean by criticality and vulnerability assessments?
where are we most vulnerable and what security measures need to be put in place
what does it mean by planning and response assesments?
overall training and the effectiveness of training (CART/FEP)
What is the purpose of the AT/FPplan?
the sailor need to know what his tasking during attack and reaction of security of the base.
What are some AT/FP training qualifications?
- Weapons quals (crew serve/small arms)
- knowing the FP plan
- Security assignments
1st general order
. To take charge of this post and all government property in view.
2nd general order
To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
3rd general order
3. To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
4th general order
To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard house than my own.
5th general order
To quit my post only when properly relieved.
6th general order
To receive, obey and pass on to the sentry who relieves me, all orders from the Commanding Officer, Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck, and Officers and Petty Officers of the Watch only.
7th general order
To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
8th general order
To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
9th general order
To call the Officer of the Deck in any case not covered by instructions.
10th general order
To salute all officers and all colors and standards not cased.
11th general order
To be especially watchful at night, and, during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.
What are a convoy planning elements?
route recon and selection, planning. avoid predictability
what are leading procedures for the convoy troop?
Begin planning
Arrange recon
Make recon
Complete the plan
Issue order(warno,frago,opord)
In a convoy, what is the warno for?
Warning order for the whole convoy
In a convoy, what is a frago for?
Fragment order for specific part of convoy
In a convoy, what is a opord?
operations order for the big picture
what are the duties and responsibilities of the convoy commander?
-plan, prepare and execute the convoy
-overall responsible for the convoy
-has internal and external comms
-in center of the convoy
what are the duties and responsibilites of the lead vehicle commander?
*tactical commander*
* performs navigation duties
* maintains speed
* covers ssectors of fire
what are the duties and responsibilites of the vehicle commander
responsible for standard equipment requirements
Organizes people in vehicles
maintains comms with CC
what are the duties and responsibilites of the driver/ A-driver
drives vehicle
maintians distance
stays alert
what are the duties and responsibilites of the crew serve weapons operator
targets greatest threat on route
what are the duties and responsibilites of the designated marksman
*guardian angel*
expert shooter
advanced optical site on weapon
primary objection in surveillance
in a hidden position
what are the duties and responsibilites of the CLS/medic
render medical tx
scattered throughout convoy
what are the duties and responsibilites of the litter team
2 members
provide buddy aid assit in movement and medavac
assist with triage
postioned in the rear, not with the medics/CLS
what are the duties and responsibilites of the LZ teams
at least 2 but should use 4 people
mark the LZ
needs pack with inventory of smoke, flare, airpanel, chemlight, 550 cord
what are the duties and responsibilites of the assault team
put in place in the event we cannot proceed
travel in the body of the convoy
speard out and have a leader
have their own comms
what are the duties and responsibilites of the recovery team
maintenance recovery personnel
should have tow cables, chains, tools
what are the duties and responsibilites of the security personnel
everyone in the convoy but not the driver or the CC
observes close threats and reports them
dismounts to provide perimeter security
Advantages/disadvantages of file formations
* best used for inexperianced or forgien drivers
* minimizes IED blasts
- weak
- reduced field of view
- reduced lighting at night
Advantages/disadvantages of staggard formation
*used on mulit lane roads
*allows for all around security
*greater flexibility
* limits 3rd party interferance
- requires more c/c and driver experiance
- vulnerable to IED'S
Advantages/disadvantages of OFFSET FORMATIONS
* used to block 3rd party traffic
* flexibilty of stagger with ease of file
* allows CC to control 3rd party traffic
- vulnerable to IED
- difficult to c/c
Advantages/disadvantages of inverted "T" formation
*used on multilane roads
* limits 3rd party infiltration
- requires experianced drivers
- difficult to c/c
Advantages/disadvantages of diamond formation
*used on multilane roads
* limits 3rd party infiltration
- requires experianced drivers
- difficult to c/c
What can you use to harden a vehicle?
kevlar blankets, armor plating, ballistic glass, sand bags
What is a strip map?
hand written navigational aid
On a strip map, what is a check point?
need gird coord.
set throughout the route
On a strip map, what is a critical point?
Intersections, curves in the road
On a strip map, what is a rally point?
safe zone in event of separation
what are the types of convoy comms?
vehicle internal (inside talking)
vehicle to vehicle (turn signals, radios, cell phones)
external (higher HQ contacting us)
What is a short halt?
used for slow traffic, market places or for quick rests (<1hr)
360 degree security
Scanning 5-25 meters
What are blocking and bumping techniques?
blocking used for blocking traffic from intersecting the convoy, blocks intersections and dangerous areas
bumping is shouldering
discuss clearing techniques
established in "B" of BAMCIS
"what are we going to do to set blocking technique for the convoy?"
Vehicles going ahead to set a block
Battle drills: downed driver
VC gains control of the steering wheel, 3rd person pulls driver out of the way
Battle drills: bailout
used when vehicle in not working or when occupants need to use vehicle as cover
Battle drills: hasty vehicle recovery
if a vehicle goes down, maintanence tows
hop out, hook up, reembark, take off
Battle drills: In-stride hasty vehicle recovery
for small vehicles: larger vehicle comes to get smaller vehicle
what are the two types of disomunt procedures?
long hault: every one gets out
short halt: only one person getting out of vehicle is security
react to contact drill: blow through
speed up, return fire, send a report, move to a rally point
react to contact: recovery: No obstacle
stop, dismount, maintain security, achieve fire superiority, report
react to contact: recovery: obstacle
go around the obstacle
hasty attack
hit one way with heavy ordinance
hit other way flank
interlock fire
discuss dismount/remount procedures
can be used when hot in combat but in proximity of a threat. dismount designed to use "buddy system"
dismount and remount given by VC
discuss sectors of observation and fields of fire within a convoy
entire area visible to crew member
9-1 driver; primary focus is 1200
1-3 VC
9-6 security back (left side)
3-6 secuity back (right side)
Types of IED's
time activated
victim activated
command activated (insulated det card or wire)
what is the most dangerous IED?
vehicle borne; more dangerous, larger vehicle/larger payload
more shrapnel, more flames
How do you report an IED?
Confirm it's an IED
Clear the area
Cord off (rope off)
Control entry/exit area
Check for 2nd devices
No cell phones/radios
one person as guide
EOD 9-line
what is on the EOD 9 line?
item discovered, reporting unit and grid location, contact method, type of ordinance, NBC contamination, resources threatened, Impact on mission, protective measures, recommended priority
what is the definition of deadly force?
that force which a person uses, causing, or that a person knows would create a substantial risk of causing death or serious bodily harm.
what is the definition of serious bodily harm?
potential for death if not treated (shooting, stabbing, trauma)
what are the 7 justifications for deadly force?
self defence of defence of others
assests involving national security (strategic bomber fleet, ballistic submariens)
assets not involving national security but danderous to others (armory, weapons)
serious offences against persons
Public Health and Safety
arrest or apprhension (designated in writing by area commander or higher)
escape (designated in writing)
What is the 5210.56?
Weapons carry card
What are the components of the Deadly Force Triangle?
opportunity, intent, capability

(intent is the hardest to prove)
what are the 6 steps in the escalation of force?
officer presence
verbal command
soft controls (wrist locks,take downs, escorts)
hard controls (kicks, pressure points, oc spray)
intermidiate weapon (batton, steel toe boots, flashlight)
deadly force
What is de-escalation of force?
following suspects de-escaltion of force (ie he drops to level)
What is Proportional Force?
use only the force necessary to compell compliance, then you immediately drop to level 3
What does SROE mean?
Standing rules of engagement
(generalized blanket for areas of operation)
Who writes the SROE?
Chairman Joint Cheif of Staff
What does LOAC mean?
Laws of armed conflict
What are violations of LOAC?
destruction of schools
firing on non-combatants
tourtoring POW's
destroying more than is required
What is the mission of NCW?
Force Protection/Harbor defence
to protect strategic port facilities
What is the mission of the MIUWU?
to provide surface and subsurface surveillance
What is the role of the MIUWU in a NCWRON?
deployable asset and provides command, control and communicatipn and surveillance support to the force protection officer.
What does LSS mean?
Littoral Surveillance Support
What is the role of the MIUWU in LSS?
What are NCW concept of operations in relation to the MIUWU?
joint-allied multiwarfare environment
MIUWU may deploy without the MAST
Secure and reliable comms
What is the role of the SSO?
Seaward security officer

responsible for tactical operations
what are the typical characteristics of terrorists organizations
independently funded
bound by a common theme
train in guerilla tactics
indirectly achieve political goals
What are the basic responsibiliteis for the RSSC?
Tactical Operations of the MOC
What is the Seaward Security Officer responsible for?
providing tactical control of assigned IBU boat detachments.
What is the patrol leader responsible for?
for directing all of the boats in a specific boat detachment to accomplish the tasking from the SSO Watch Officer
What does CCOI mean?
Critical contacts of interest
Define COI?
any vessel that enters the area of responsibility
Define CCOI
COI that enters the established Exclusion Zone, or exhibit hostile intent as defined by the ROE or carry out hostile actions as defined by the ROE.
what are the 3 security threat levels?
LEVEL I Enemy agents, saboteurs, terrorists, unorganized guerrilla forces, and special operations units of platoon size or smaller (<30 personnel).
LEVEL II Large enemy presence capable of unconventional warfare
with forces of up to company strength (100-150 personnel).
LEVEL III Conventional combat forces of greater than company strength.
discuss the protection of HVA as it pertains to harbor defense
HD involves the employment of forces for the protection and management of harbors, ports, anchorages, shore
facilities, strategic shipping, and naval vessels against waterborne and landward threats.

Boat Plan 0-1-0
what is the threat zone?
innermost ring of security
what is the warning zone?
The warning zone is a ring around the
threat zone and the HVA in which access is controlled.
what is the assessment zone?
The outermost zone is the “assessment zone” and it is where surveillance systems monitor activities within the
zone and beyond it.
what does ROE mean?
rules of engagement
who sets the ROE?
When using use of force...
meet any force with equal or more force than the enemy to control the situation
WHat does SCOF mean?
Seaward continuem of force
how many scof levels are there?
reminder of getting too close
bridge to bridge
man weapons
blue lights
what is the 2nd SCOF level?
warning to open fire
point weapon
fire pencil flares
what is the 3rd SCOF level?
Warning shots
What is the 4th SCOF level?
destructive fire
what does GDFS mean?
graphical data fusion system
what does the GDFS do?
combines a radar picture with video
With the GDFS, how far out can you see?
64 nautical miles
What is true bearing?
magnetic north
what does TIS stand for?
thermal imaging sensor
what does VIS stand for
Visual imaging sensor
what does TSP stand for?
Trailor sensor platform
WHat is AZEL?
Azimuth elevation
What does GCCS stand for?
Global command and control system
What does PSS mean?
Portable Surveillance System
what does RAM mean?
Random antiterrorism movements
what is the watch officer responsible for?
tactical operations of the MIUWU
What is the watch sup. responsible for?
day to day stuff
what is the COMMS officer responsible for?
crypto, circuits, comm plans, functions or radios
what does STL mean?
Security team leader
what is the STL responsible for?
ECP and the perimeter of the compound
What is the Aux watch responsible for?
generator checks
What is a coastwatcher?
general watch stander that reports what's on the water.
What does CT mean?
Cypher text
What does PT mean?
Plain text
red (don't pass secure info over the net)
what is on the comms status board?
radios, circuit names, status, call signs, posts
What is a standing order?
What is a night order?
applies anytime the CO is not around. may change daily
How far does the TSP extend?
36 ft
What does the TSP do?
It is a surface search radar.
What are 2 ways to connect the TSP to the CCP?
microwave link (wifi)
What is ONAN?
namebrand standard generator
5 kilowatts
What is GENSET
generator set
What does the GENSET do?
gives the TSP power if shore power is not available
What is EEU?
Electronics enclosure unit
What is UPS?
uninterupted power supply
WHat does the UPS do?
gives 15 min of back up power to properly turn off equipment

batterey back up
What does the PCRP radar processor do?
supplies power to radar and the motor that turns the radar
what does PLGR mean?
portable lightweight gps receiver
What is AIS?
allied identification system
What is the CCU and what does it do?
camera control unit

it controls the camera
what is the ECU and what does it do?
environmental control unit

it cools the EEU
What is the PDU?
Power distribution unit
What is the MPHT?
mobile power high volume airdonditioner unit
what needs to be under the trucks?
a fuel berm
how do you set up the TSP?
get to site, find level ground, 15 cranks up, put stantions on, tighten cables,crank down 15 times or til on ground,"ground" it with cable to CCP (in water), start generator,turn on PDU, raise the mast, turn on EEU (start at the bottom), turn on radar/motor power, turn on CCU
what is RF?
radio frequency
What is TPRS?
tactical portable radio system
How do you dispose dry cell batteries?
What is PRC 152?
multibad VHF/UHF radio
WHat is XTS 5000?
handheld portbale radio
How many radios sre in the CCP?
10- 117's
2- 150's
Rack one of CCP
Storage drawer
Rack 2 of CCP
GDFS printer
Rack 3 of CCP
netwroking switches
serial server for GDFS
4 RSI (remote sensor interface)
DRV (data video recorder)
Rack 4 of CCP
ON143V14 (interface for GCCS)
GCCS hard drive
NAVMACS printer
3 UPS power supply
Rack 5 of CCP
NAVMACS monitor/CPU/keyboard
84A (used for CUDIX)
Rack 6 of CCP
2 PRC-117 (SATCOM)
RF-5051 power supply #1, #2
PRC-150 (HF)
Rack 7 of CCP
audio breakout box
comms matrix
UHF/VHF (PRC-117) #1,2,4
HF (PRC-150) #2
Rack 8 of CCP
Fleet broadcast radio 1,2 (PRC-117)
OTCIXS (set up for GCCS)
2 KWR46's (crypto device for FBC)
what is the crypto device for Fleet broadcast?
What is the NAVMACS used for?
to send and recieve messae traffic
What does the NAVMACS have control over?
FBC 1 and 2 and CUDIX
What is the KG84A?
used to encrypt data and allow you to read and send out encrypted data
What is the KWR46?
A recieve only circuit
encrypts data coming in to read message traffic
what does OTATS mean?
over the air transfer
what does OTAR mean?
over the air receive
what are the 4 types of fill devices?
KYK 13 (KICK 13)
KOI 18
KYX 15
CYZ 10 (CRAZY 10)
how many keys does the KYK 13 hold?
how many keys does the KOI 18 hold?
paper reader only
How many keys does the KYX hold?
how many keys does the CYZ 10 hold?
how many precedence of a message are there?
Precedence of message:
As fast as possible <10 min
Precedence of message:
30 minutes
Precedence of message:
3 hours
Precedence of message:
6 hours
what is the crypto device for the CUDIX?
maximum effective range of the M9
50 meters
maximum range if the M9
1800 meters
primary function of the M9
semiautomatic pistol
builder of the M9
beretta and beretta USA
L/W/H of M9
L: 8.54in
W: 1.50in
H: 5.51in
barrel lenght of M9
4.92 inches
M9 weight fully loaded
2.55 pounds
bore diameter of M9
Magazine capacity of M9
15 rounds
muzzle velocity of M9
1200 FT per second
maximum effective range of the M16
550 meters
maximum range of the M16
3600 meters
primary function of the M16
infantry weapon
manufacturer of the M16
colt and fabrique
Lenght and weight of M16
L: 39.63in
W: with 30 round mag 8.79lbs
Bore diameter of M16
Area target of M16
800 meters
Point target of M16
550 meters
muzzel velocity of M16
2800 feet
Cyclic rate of fire for M16
800 rounds per minute
Sustained rate of fire for M16
12-15 rounds per minute
Semiautomatic rate of fire for M16
45 rounds per minute
burst rate of fire for M16
90 rounds per minute
Magazine capacity of M16
30 rounds
maximum effective range for the M203 grenade launcher
350 meters
Maximum range for the M203 grenade launcher
400 meters
Caliber for the M203 grenade launcher
lenght height and width of the M203 grenade launcher
L: 15in
H: 3.3 in
W: 3.3 in
barrel length of the M203 grenade launcher
12 inches
Velocity of the M203 grenade launcher
type of ammunition of the M203 grenade launcher
M406 high explosive
M433 High explosive
M576 Buckshot
M407 Practice
M781 Practice
Maximum effective range of the M500 shotgun
420 meters with "00"buckshot load
Maximum range of the M500 shotgun
605 meters with "00" buckshot load
Length and weight of the M500 shotgun
L: 41.75 in
W: 8 lbs
bore diameter of the M500 shotgun
12 gauge
Maximim effective range of the M2.50 machine gun
1830 meters with tripod
maximum range of the M2.50 machine gun
6770 meters
builder of the M2.50 machine gun
SACO defense
Lenght of M2.50 machine gun
Weight of M2.50 machine gun and tripod
Gun: 84 lbs
tripod: 44 lbs
total: 128
bore diameter of the M2.50 machine gun
.50 inches
slow fire of the M2.50 machine gun
less than 40 rounds per minute, fired in bursts of 6-9 rounds at 10-15 second interval
rapidfire of the M2.50 machine gun
greater than 40 rounds per minute, fired 6-9 round bursts at 5-10 second intervals
Cyclic rate of fire for the M2.50
450-600 rounds per minute
Maximum effective range of the M60
1100 meters
Maximum range of the M60
2.3 miles
lenght and weight of the M60
L: 42.4 inches
W: 18.75 lbs
bore diameter of the M60
muzzle velocity of the M60
2800 feet
cyclic rate of fire for the M60
550 rounds per minute
rapid rate of fire for the M60
100 rounds per minute
sustained rate of fire for the M60
100 rounds per minute
maximum effective range of the M19 machine gun
1500 meters
maximum range of the M19 machine gun
2210 meters
manufacturer of the M19 machine gun
SACO defense industry
Lenght and weight of the M19 Machine gun
L: 43.1 inches
W: gun:72.5 lbs
cradle: 21.0 lbs
tripod: 44.0 lbs
total: 137.5 lbs
muzzle velocity of the M19 maching gun
790 feet per second
bore diameter of the M19 machine un
cyclic rate fo fire for the M19 machine gun
325-375 rounds per minute
rapid rate of fire for the M19
60 rounds per minute
sustained rate of fire for the M19 machine gun
40 rounds per minute
maximum effective range for the M240 machine gun
1800 meters on tripod mount
maximum range of the M240 machine gun
3725 meters
manufactuer of the M240 machine gun
lenght and weight of the M240 machine gun
L:47.5 inches
W: 24.2 lbs
bore diameter of the M240 machine gun
7.62 mm
cyclic rate of fire for the M240 machine gun
650-950 rounds per minute
rapid rate of fire for the M240 machine gun
200 rounds per minute
sustained rate of fire for the M240 machine gun
100 rounds per minute
what is a hot gun?
200 rounds in under 2 minutes