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What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?
Why did the British aid the COnfederacy during the war?
THe southern states were the main suppliers of British cotton
What quote, by Lincoln, shows his goal concerning ending the war and treatment of the Confederacy?
"With malice toward none and charity toward all...."
The Freedman's Bureau was created by what US government department?
US War Department
What was the role of the Freedman's Bureau?
To help ex-slaves adjust to their newfound freedom
What two occupations were the most common for newly freed slaves and poor whites (post-Civil War)?
tenant farmers and share croppers
The significance of the use of the IRONCLADS; Merrimac and Monitor was
the design of the ships revolutionized the future of naval warfare
In the case of Ex Parte Milligan, the court ruled that the government had acted improperly in Indiana where,
civilians had been subject to military trials
The significance of controlling the Mississippi River was
the Confederacy was unable to transport/receive supplies in the west
Why didn't the Emancipation Proclamation apply to West Virginia?
It was not a state of the "Union" during the Civil War