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What inactivates CHX?
What is the best product for a noncompliant patient?
prevident 5000
What household item is less abrasive than any toothpaste on the market?
Baking Soda
Who Came up with the Non-Specific Plaque Hypothesis?
Dr. Keyes
What is MMPT?
Microbiologically Monitored Periodontal Therapy
-baking soda, brushing, flossing, scaling, hydrogen peroxide, water pik, tetracycline
casien phosphate

-a protein
What is in MI paste?
Fully phosphorylated serycluster motifs of calcium, fluoride and phosphate nanocomplexes

-CPP and ACP
amorphous calcium phosphate

-calcium phosphate with a charge
What does CPP and ACP do?
strengthen teeth when in charged form
Foods high in Arginine:
spinach, soy, nuts,seafood

-result in raised salivary pH
What are some good S. mutans found in lozenges?
S. rattus
S. oralis
What is the minimum of xylitol needed to have anymicrobial effects per day?
6 g
cationic detergent
-positively charged ions attracted to S. mutans
How much fluoride does toothpaste have?
1100 ppm
How much fluoride does mouth rinses have?
500 ppm
Active ingredient for sensitivity?
potassium nitrate

(combine w/stannous fluoride for best result)
Top 4 toothpaste companies:
What may triclosan cause?
antibiotic resistance
What controls the integrity of mucosa?
calcium in saliva
What can hydrogen peroxide cause?
black tongue over time
What is "Colorado Brown Stain?"
-too much in the water
-Dr. McKay
What causes fluorosis?
more than 0.02mg F/kg daily intake while teeth are developing
neutral fluoride
(good for caries)
acidulated fluoride
stannous fluoride

(good for gingivitis)
monofluorophosphate fluoride
amouphous calciumfluoriophosphate
What ppm in water has low fluorosis and low decay rates?
1 ppm
At what pH does hydroxyapaptite dissolve?
5.5 pH
When does fluoroappatite dessolve?
at 4.5 pH
When does carbonated apatite dissolve?
above pH 5.5
What are teeth composed of?
impure carbonated apatite
what does toxic mean?
you'll feel sick
lethal means:
The child's ALD is:
36 mg/kg NaF (15 mg/kgF-)
The adult ALD is:
5-10 g NaF (2.5-5 g)
The probable toxic dose (PTD) for fluoride is:
5 mg/kg F-
Where does fluoride get absorbed by the body?
stomach and small intestine; also taken up by calcified tissue
How does excess fluoride get extreted?
through the kidneys
Where is half of F filtered?
renal tubules
What is the ultimate goal of fluoride?
to find calcium
what was NaF originally used for?
rat poison
How does fluoride get onto/into the tooth
by ADsorption (sticking to the tooth)

-not absorbed
What does 1 ppm improve?
crystalline lattice solubility

-increases the solubility constant of calcium and phosphate within saliva
What is fluoride a catalyst for?

it shifts mineralization and remineralization balance
When is the best time for fluoride to be applied?
right after eruption
When is F firmly bound?
Whis is F loosely bound?
What does F inhibit?
enolase and proton transfer system

***shuts down glycolisis
what is ppm?

1%= 10000 ppm
1 oz = 28.35 g
1.1% NaF= .55% = 5000 ppm
Is S. sanguis bad or good?
is S. sobrinus good or bad?
Today's F varnish contains how much fluoride?
5% NaF
Should you put F on decaying teeth?
What kind of F is the most stable?
What should you put on a white spot lesion?
What group of strep is good?
What does S. mutans eat first?
glucose, sucrose and fructose
what does MS metabolism result in ?
lactic acid, formate, ethanol propanol
What pH does MS maintain intercellularly?
6 pH
What is the acid tolerance based off?
presence of membran-bound, acid stable proton traslocating FoF1, ATPase
What is the pH of S. sanguis?
What does a high amount of lactobacilli mean?
high carb/sugar diet
Compare ATPase of non-aciduric bacteria to aciduric bacteria:
non-aciduric has 50 times less than aciduric
What does more ATPase mean?
more acidic environment
How does MS produce ATP?
glycolosis resulting in lactic acid
what does a low pH mean?
many protons
What do glucans act as?
glue that stick bacteria on teeth
What do glucosyltranserases do?
turns sucros into glucans
WHat is a glucan
type of destran (water soluble)
What are IPS?
intracellular polysaccharides

-function of fuel reserves
What cause/involved with the initial attachment of MS to pellicle?
antigen I/II SpaP
CaPh deficient hydroxyapatite
What do matrix metalloprotienases (MMPs) do?
help tooth handle diseases

-destroy collagen into peptides without helical conformation
What MMPs are involved with caries?
1, 2, 8, 9, 13
How do you stop MMPs?
Who found that germ free animals do not get decay?
Dr. Keyes
How do you stop MMPs?
Who found that germ free animals do not get decay?
Dr. Keyes