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FDDI stands for what in the 73 Radar system
Fiber Optic Distribution Data Interface
The AN/SPS-73(V) SSR can track up to ___ contacts.
What are the AN/SPS-73 Transmit Frequencies for x-band and s-band?
X-Band is 9410 Mhz
S-Band is 3050 Mhz
What are the AN/SPS-73 Peak Power Outputs for x-band and s-band?
X-Band is 25 kW Minimum
S-Band is 30 kW Minimum
What is the AN/SPS-73 range for x-band and s-band?
X-Band is 96 Nautical Miles
S-Band is 96 Nautical Miles
What is the purpose of the J-Box in the An/SPS-73 SSR System?
The J-Box is basically a switch that connects the X- Band and the S-Band radars to the SAOP console(s).
IFF is an electronic system for identifying what?
targets detected on search radar as friendly or unfriendly.
The Coast Guard uses the IFF system on what vessels?
Cutters 110 feet or larger, and CG Aircraft.
The basic equipment used in a AN/UPX-28(V) IFF transponder system is contained in what three units?
· Omni Directional Antenna,
· Transponder Set, and
· Control Unit.
The IFF challenges what frequency?
1030 Mhz
The IFF Replies in what frequency?
1090 Mhz
A (V)6 configuration of the 64 Radar system is used onboard
Why are Antenna Junction Boxes necessary in some 64 Radar configurations?
They are necessary because in some systems,
the same antenna must be shared by two MTR’s
What is the power out of an S-Band high power MTR?
60 kW
The loss of ___ ___(major signal) would cause the loss of the transmitted pulse in the MTR and the loss of antenna rotation.
Transmit Enable
The radar is not displaying a heading flash in any of its indicators. What unit is most likely at fault?
Antenna Array
Magnetron electron tubes, which are utilized in the 64 Radar system, can
produce an ________ hazard when operated with voltages in excess of 6 KV?
X-Ray Radiation
Compute the average power out of a radar system if the peak power is 18 kW,
PRF is 3600 Hz, and PW is 140 nanoseconds.
9.07 watts…. Pavg = Ppk times PRF times. PW
Define bearing resolution.
The ability to separate adjacent targets the same
distance away.
How long (measured in seconds) is a radar mile?
.0000123 seconds or 12.3 microseconds
What is the function of a duplexer?
Connects the antenna to the transmitter during
transmit time, and connects the antenna to the
receiver during receive time.
What three inputs are required by any Collision Avoidance System (CAS).
Radar, Gyro, Speed log
State the transmit frequency, peak power out, and range for both the X and S-Band 73 Radar.
X: 9410 Mhz, 25 kW minimum, 96 Nautical Miles.
S: 3050 Mhz, 30kW minimum, 96 Nautical Miles.
What units or assemblies are considered part of the “Radar Set”?
The antenna, pedestal, and R/T units.
The purpose of the Junction Box in a 73 Radar is to
Used in configurations with two antennas, it connects the X and S-Band antennas to the SAOP’s.
What type of R/T does a WAGB class of cutter utilize?
Down R/T
What equipment is contained in the Transponder Set?
Power Supply
Test Set
Kit Computer
Suppression Gate.