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Psychic determinism is most evident in which of the following?
Ruth, who had just experienced some nasty road rage, threw away her car keys in the garbage, by mistake, instead of a used tissue.
Which of the following is a message that might be sent by the id?
"I'm thirsty and I want that drink now!"
The role of the ego in intrapsychic conflict is analogous to that of a
Mediator who tries to appease both sides in a labor dispute.
Norm, Cliff, and Frazier go into a bar. They notice that Coach, the bartender, is nowhere to be seen. Norm says, "I'm thirsty, and I want a drink now!" Cliff looks around and adds, "I don't think we'll get caught if we serve ourselves." "Stop right there!" commands Frazier, "It is wrong to steal!" Whose behavior is most consistent with Freud's notion of the superego?
Daphne is unconsciously attracted to her instructor, a feeling she would consider immoral and unacceptable. When she talks with her instructor, she acts rather rude and disrespectful. She has told her friends that she hates the class because she cannot stand the instructor. Daphne is using the defense mechanism known as
Reaction formation.
Ever since he was a little boy, violence and gore have always fascinated Jack. At the same time, he felt that it was wrong to be interested in such horrible things. As a teenager, he used to draw bloody murder scenes in his notebooks. He knew that the drawings would upset his parents, so he only shared them with his peers. When he became an adult, Jack went into the business of drawing violent action comic books. What defense mechanism did Jack use?
Felix lives a highly structured life. He is excessively organized and tidy. His roommate, Oscar, is disorganized and sloppy. Freud would say that both Felix and Oscar have which type of fixation?
Leonard says to his mother: "When I grow up, I'll marry you and we'll move into my room. Daddy can get another wife and go someplace else." In Freud's theory, Leonard would be behaving normally for a boy in the ________ stage.
Hector displays a high level of anger and aggression toward both his boss at work and his instructors at school. Freud would most likely say he has which type of fixation?
Big Bird asks Ernie to describe his roommate, Bert. "In general, he's friendly, fun-loving, and sensitive," says Ernie. Allport would say that Ernie has described which of Bert's traits?
Six-year-old Wally is an awkward, accident-prone kid, friendly and outgoing, a so-so athlete, and a coward when it comes to vaccinations. The phrase that describes Wally's secondary trait(s) is
'a coward when it comes to vaccinations.'
Peter is out with friends. He talks a lot and is very expressive. He often buys drinks for his friends and has no problem talking with strangers. With which of the "big five" personality traits is Peter's behavior most consistent?
Which of the following questions would a trait psychologist find the most difficult to answer?
Why are some people extraverts and others introverts?
"Why am I afraid to allow myself to fall in love?" Joe asked. Dr. Land, a social-cognitive therapist, might have answered,
"Because your past experiences have taught you to expect rejection and that is too painful for you."
In psychology class, Britt took a test based on Rotter's locus of control theory and scored high as an external. Accordingly, that afternoon, when she failed a French test, she most likely said,
"That was really an unfair test."
Rosa told a good friend, "I want to teach high school biology and be seen as an active, caring instructor." According to Mischel's person-situation theory, Rosa has described her
Subjective values.
When Shelley knocked her glass of milk over, her mother said, "Bad girl! Only naughty girls spill their milk!" Rogers would say that Shelley's mother is creating
Conditions of worth.
Even though she won a million dollars in the lottery, Lucy was not happy. She was envious of the woman who won ten million dollars. Lucy's behavior suggests a(n)
Deficiency orientation.
The parents of a Japanese child give him a placard to hang on his bedroom wall. The motto on it is most likely to read,
"Be a team player."
Dr. Escobedo has developed her own personality test. It consists of several ambiguous pictures of rural life. She shows the pictures to clients and asks them to tell her a story about each one. She hopes that the test will uncover some of the unconscious problems of her clients. Which type of test has Dr. Escobedo developed?
Dave is a self-centered guy who expects that his instinctual needs will be satisfied immediately, regardless of the needs of others around him. A Freudian psychologist would therefore say that Dave has a weak
The ________ operates on the pleasure principle, whereas the ________ operates on the reality principle.
Id; ego.
In Freud's theory, the part of the personality that is formed from the internalization of parental and societal values is the
Whenever the thought of committing an immoral act occurs to him, Errol attributes the unacceptable impulse to his older brother. Errol is using the defense mechanism of
Caroline rationalizes all her mistakes. In other words, she
Attempts to find reasonable explanations for them.
Which of the following characteristics are associated with an oral fixation?
Childish dependence, gossiping, and smoking.
Marina is at the age when, according to Freud, girls experience the Electra complex. Accordingly, how is Marina expected to behave with regards to her father?
She should harbor sexual feelings for him.
Sexual feelings remain dormant as the person focuses on getting along with others of the same gender during the
Latency period.
Erik Erikson, Harry Stack Sullivan and Erich Fromm all agreed that personality was primarily shaped by the
Effort to satisfy one's social needs.
Victoria believes that men feel inferior to women because men cannot have children. Victoria's belief is most consistent with the ideas of which neo-Freudian theorist?
Rudy, who is 25 years old, has had many short but unsatisfying relationships with women. His object relations therapist would probably ascribe his lack of social success to a(n)
Insecure attachment to his mother.
One shortcoming of Freud's theory is that
It is based on an unrepresentative sample.
Terrance does not follow society's norms and has been known to be cruel to animals. According to this description, Terrance should score high on which of Eyesenk's dimensions of personality?
"Professor Vitoux was acting like a jerk today!" said Tiffany. "Yes, he was," agreed Melissa, "but many students have been coming to class unprepared, and that must be frustrating." "If he keeps acting that way," adds Tiffany, "I doubt if anyone will prepare for his class!" By suggesting that the situation in class results from the interaction of thoughts, behaviors, and the environment, this conversation is most consistent with what Bandura called
Reciprocal determinism.
According to Rogers, a positive self-concept results from
Congruent experiences.
Emilio's old TV finally broke down, and he decided he needed a new one. After buying a new TV, he decided he needed to subscribe to a cable service. He then figured that he needed a VCR to take advantage of all the great programming on cable TV. Because Emilio is motivated by unmet needs, Maslow would say that he has
A deficiency orientation.
Compared to Gilberto, his Brazilian pen-pal, Andrew, an American, is more likely to
Associate a sense of well-being with having certain positive attributes.
What is the MMPI-2 used for?
To diagnose psychological disorders.
What is the purpose of the validity scales on the MMPI?
To detect lying, exaggeration, and misunderstanding.
One reason why Jan chose to use the Rorschach Inkblot Test rather than the MMPI-2 to diagnose and predict the behavior of her new client was that the Rorschach
Is better at uncovering threatening information.
True / False

Sigmund Freud did not make a significant contribution to contemporary psychology.
True / False

According to the trait approach to personality, people don't change much.
True / False

Hans Eysenck believed that personality was organized around five main dimensions.
True / False

Genes determine personality traits and characteristics, such as conscientiousness and introversion.
True / False

The social-cognitive approach of personality explains that personality is acquired solely as a result of learning which behaviors fit certain situations.
The phenomenological approach to personality has been determined to have cross-cultural validity for people of cultures outside North America and the Western world.