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What is our essential mission and priority
to deliver the best possible service to our customers
Treat everyone with what 4 basic rules of humanity
respect, kindness, patience and consideration
Civilians will remember 3 basic observations about our service
1. quick response time
2. skillful performance that solved the problem
3. positive personal treatment
Out of the 3 basic observations about our service, which one has the biggest effect on a person
positive personal treatment
Finish this sentence:
Talking nice is easy,
doing nice is tough
Why can our job involve emotional labor
because we have to act nice under circumstances where we rightously should not have to act nice
Always attempt to execute a standard problem solving outcome by using what kind of qualities
quick, effective, skillful, safe, caring, managed
In Brunacini's words, what is the one word goal that we try to achieve
the goal is to create a WOW reaction from the public
when he says "quick" what does Brunacini mean?
behave as if the problem is urgent untio the call is over
when he says "effective" what does Brunacini mean?
the very practical capability to consistently operate and perform in a manner that solves the incident
when he says "skillful" what does Brunacini mean?
we must maintain a high skill level in order for the public to have confidence in us
When he says "caring" what does Brunacini mean?
if we take care of ourselves within the firehouse, and at home, we take care of the public better
When he says "managed" what does Brunacini mean
going the extra stop to help our customers
True or False
delivering WOW service is alot easier said than done
WOW service produces many outcomes, name them
- secures and maintains adequate resources
- happy customers, bosses, voters and workers
- brings out the best in us, provides job satisfaction
- places us in the best position to compete
- completes our basic customer promis
- its fun to be good and to do good
doing it right the fire time will eliminate ___
bad press, liability, lawyers, lots of meetings, and lots of extra paperwork
How we treat family members of the victim is as important as ____
how we treat the victim
How do manage bystanders at a scene
in a gentle and positive way
Saying what to good samaritans huge
How should we handle PD, AMR, city works, PG and E
play nice with all of them
The parts and plan to create and maintain a positive image include what basic elements
Member - we act how we look. Uniforms make us look clean, organized and professional

Facilities - keeping a nice neat firehouse that is visible to the public creates trust and admiration

Fire engines, tools and equipment - keeping a clean engine and organized equipment will speak volumes to the coustomers on how we operate

Presence / behavior - dont act like delivering your service is an inconvenience to you.
Simplified mission statement according to Brunacini
- prevent harm
- survive
- be nice
Basic firefighter empowerment. If you can answer yes to the following questions, don't ask for permission, just do it!
- is it the right thing for the customer
- is it the right thing for the department
- is it legal, ethical and nice
- is it safe
- is it on your organizational level
- is it something you are willing to be accountable for
- is it consistent wih your departments values and policies
Todays firefighters are a combination of the new and old, explain
much improved in the qualifications, training and education but still meeting challenges aggressively, sometimes acting on emotion and always meeting whatever challenge is present. Love commitment and hate compromise
To the customer we have become and agency of ___ resort and ___ resort
first, last
What is the crux of paradox?
if we disqualify the customer in the short term, they will disqualify us in the long term
Name the various parts of the service delivery system required to consistently produce standard problem solving customer service
- quick
- effective
- skillful
- safe
- caring
Basic fire dept customer service delivery on the business end involves three major players, name them
- workers
- bosses
- customers