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how many roles does the cg have?
how many missions does the cg have?
what missions are included in maritime safety?
marine safety
what missions are included in maritime mobility?
ice ops
what missions are included in protection of natural resources?
marine environmental protection
living marine resources
what missions are included in maritime security?
illegal drug interdiction
undocumented migrant interdiction
what missions are included in national defense?
defense readiness
what is a reservist?
make up team coast guard. same tasking as cg
who makes up team cg?
active duty
what are 2 enlisted ratings open only to reservists?
port security specialist
what are ready reservists considered?
active status
what are two types of ready reservists?
selected reserve SELRES
individual ready reserve IRR
What are SELRES?
individuals designated as essential to contingency requirements have priority over all other reserve elements
what are IRR>
manpower pool
training and prev. served in active forces or SELRES
how many roles and missions do Aux have?
7 roles
31 missions
what are the 7 roles?
surface water mission
air ops
land based ops
public edu.
cg support & boating safety
agency support
what missions are included in surface water?
safety and regatta
chart update
personal water craft
what missions are included in air ops?
SAR call out
enforcement of laws and treaties
ice ops
logistics and personnel transport
what missions are included in land based ops?
OOD ashore or afloat
B0 alert or SAR standby
CG crew augmentation
ATON federal
what missions are included in public edu?
state and youth courses
member training
what missions are included in environmental?
enforce laws and treaties
marine environmental protect
cg support and boating safety
cg ops support
what missions are included in CG support and boating safety?
cg ops support
aux academy intro mission AIM
courtesy marine exams
what missions are included in agency support?
customs and border protect
corps of engineers
department of natural resources
state police and marine patrol
local police and sheriff offices
what does the command master chief wear?
gold badge
what does the CMC do?
balance between worforce needs and organization goals and quality of life

provides leadership, training, and guidance to unit level command chiefs
what does the Command chief wear?
silver badge
what does the CC do?
balance between workforce needs and command goals

keep COC informed of health morale, and welfare on enlisted force

communication through COC

network with CMC
what does the cmmand drug and alcohol rep do? CDAR
unit cosultants/ advisors in the admin of unit addictions program
what does the family advocacy specialist do? FAS
located at work life for commands and members for family violence and child neglect issues. adheres to local state and federal laws
what does the career development advisor do? CDA
assists members in professional development
what does the educational service officer do? ESO
reoprts to XO on admin of all edu programs.

assists TPO in coordinating and eval training for personal and professional development/advancement
what does the civil rights officer do? CRO
reports directly to CO pertaining to civil right issues, resident report
who was the first woman accepted into the cg?
lucille baker
what does the voting assitance officer do? VO
what does the collateral duty equal opportunity counselor do?
support commandant civil rights programs

work under units CRO
what does the public affairs officer do? PAO
represents unit CO and CG to public and media