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What is Simple Squamous Epithelium?
C/ Single Layer of flat cells
L/ Air sacs of lungs, lining of blood vessels and ventral body cavity, Bowman's capsule of kidney.
F/ Diffusion, filtration
What is Simple Cuboidal Epithelium?
C/ Single layer of cube-shaped cells with central nuclei (round).
L/ Kidney tubles, lumens of gland ducts, outer surface of ovary
F/ Secretion, absorbtion.
What is Simple Columnar Epithelium?
C/ Single layer of rectangular cells with basal nuclei
L/ Lining of digestive tract
F/ Secretion, Absorption
What is Stratisfied squamous epithelium?
C/ Several cells layers with basal cells cubodial and surface cells flattened.
L/ Epidermis of skin, lining of mouth, esophagus, and vagina.
F/ Protection
What is Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium?
C/ Single layer of rectangular cells with differing heights giving a stratified apperance; brush border of cilia on surface.
L/ Respiratory tract
F/ Secretion, propulsion of mucus by ciliary action.
What is Transitional epithelium?
C/ Stratified layer with basal cells cubodial or columnar and surface cells rounded.
L/ Urinary Tract
F/ Streches to allow storage and flow of urine.