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What are the three major parts of a tree?
roots, trunk, crown
What are the five primary functions of roots?
1) anchor the tree 2) store food for future growth 3) take in nutrients and water from soil 4) transport the water, nutrients, hormones and sugars 5) produce some hormones
What are surface rooted trees?
extend roots laterally in a wide are below tree (birch, elm, hemlock, spruce)
What are deep rooted trees?
have taproots that etend down into the soil strata (pines). less susceptible to being blown by winds (hickory, oak, walnut)
What do root hairs do?
take in nutrients and water from the soil
What are mycorrhizae?
fungi living on pine roots that aid in taking in nutrients and water instead of root hairs
What is the main purpose of the trunk?
to support and move water and nutrients
What are the two bark layers?
outer (protection from weather, insects, fungi, disease, fire) and inner--phloem
What is phloem?
inner bark that moves food prodce by leaves down to different parts of the tree
What is cambium?
think layer of cells that produces phloem and xylem
What is xylem (sapwood)?
living wood of the tree that carries nutrients and water to thecrown of the tree from the roots
What is the heartwood?
old cells that are dead, provide strength and support
What is the very center of the tree called?
What are the main purposes of the crown?
photosynthesis, transpiration, respiration
in a leaf, what layer contains the chloroplasts?
What are vascular bundles?
the vein of the leaf in the spongy mesophyll which contain the xylem and phloem
What is pollination?
the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil, or from the male to the female portion of the plant
What is fertilization?
the uniting of the sperm and egg (pollen nucleii and ovule) to form a fertilized egg, called a zygote
What is germination?
process by which a seed begins to develop into a new organism
What does dioecious mean?
plants that produce both male and female parts on separate trees (Persimmon and Holly)
What are the three parts of a pistil?
stigma, style, ovary
What are the two parts of the stamen?
anther, filament
What are five ways that seeds travel?
1) animals 2) wind 3) water 4) gravity 5) special adaptations
What is suckering?
when the tree sends up shoots from the root system under t he soil of a standing living tree (black locust)