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Who were the first white men to see the original untouched souther forests?
John Cabot and his son in 1498.
What are naval stores?
tar, pitch, turpentine, and rosin produced from the gum of pine trees
Where was the first sawmill in the US?
Jamestown, VA in 1625
How many acres of forested land are there in NC?
19.3 million acres
What percent of forested land is owned by private citizens?
What is an Old Growth Forest?
A forest that has never been logged or cut and has grown undistrubed by man's influence.
Where did forestry, as a discipline, begin?
Biltmore Estate
Who was the first to treat forests as sustainable?
Gifford Pinchot, manager of Biltmore Estate forests
Who founded the first American school of forestry?
Carl Schenck
What is the US forest service's double mandate?
To maintain our forest resources and to provide an ongoing supply of timber.
What is forest stewardship?
sustainable forestry
What is ecosystem management?
foresters consider the complex ecosystems of forests and their roles as wildlife habitat, etc.
What percentage of timber cut each year is used for heating and cooking?
How do forests control runoff?
The leaves and branches of trees break the impact of rain, ground litter and humus allow seepage of water into the soil.
How do forests prevent soil erosion?
Keep soil porous to absorb water and roots hold soil in place.
How do forests help soil development?
Decaying leaves, limbs, and trees return nutrients to soil.
How do forests retain snowmelt?
Help snow melt slowly and seep into ground, reducing flooding and runoff.
How do trees influence the climate?
Insulate forests, keep them moist by transpiration.
What is transpiration?
The evaporation of water from plants, especially through leaf stomata.
What percent of the sun's radiation can a tree with leaves block?
What is photosynthesis?
The chemical process by which plants make their own food using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to produce sugar and oxygen.
How do trees help with removal of air pollutants?
Leaves and needles of trees absorb significant amounts of particulates from the air and reduce wind velocity, also absorb Carbon dioxide.
What is a habitat?
The food, water, shelter or cover, space, and arrangement of those factors necessary for a species to survive.
How do trees help with noise abatement?
A belt of trees 98 feet wide and 49 feet tall can reduce highway noies by six to ten decibels. (50%)
What are greenbelts?
Areas of trees around cities that provide moisture storage zones and allow water to infiltrate the soil.
What is detritus?
general term referring to organic matter dervied from dead bodies of plants and animals, insects, plants as they are broken down.
A tree can provide how many dollars worth of ecological benefits in its lifetime?