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Solutions to 30% of our forests
methods of harvesting, cutting on rotation cycles
Uses for 30% of our Rangelands
growing/feeding livestock of cattle, sheep, horses, goats, llamas for clothing, food, and money
Problem with 30% of our Rangelands
deforestation of trees, erosion, desertification
Solutions to 30% of our Rangelands
limiting herd sizes, increase number of watering holes
Uses of 15% Arable or farming
problems with 15% Arable or farming
erosion, more pests, starvation due to malnutrition, salinization
Solutions to 15% Arable or farming
erosion- no till farming
salization-reduce irrigation
pest-reduce use of pesticides
mal-increase grain production
Uses of 15% wetlands, deserts, tundras
food & Recreation
Problem with 15% wetlands, deserts, tundras
Losing & destroying the land
solutions to 15% wetlands, deserts, tundras
education programs
Uses of 8% wilderness, parks, refugees
recreation, farming, hunting, mining, & logging
Problems with 8% wilderness, parks, refugees
traffic, pollution, nearby communities, & poachers
Solutions to 8% wilderness, parks, refugees
education programs
Prblems with 2% Urban Areas
urban crisis
Solutions to 2% Urban Areas
more suburbs, inner city renovations
What is the difference between solid waste and hazardous waste?
Solid waste is any discarded or unwanted material, 1% is garbage, 2 types bio and non bio degradable
Hazardous Waste can be toxic and flammable, makes up 955 of waste