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In what year, and How many days was the Battle of Gettysburg fought?
The year was 1863, and it took 3 days.
3 & 1863
Specific to the battle of gettysburg (during the Civil War), what does the term "High Water Mark" mean?
When the battle turned and the Union army started winning he war.
The turning point for the Union side
What year was the USS Gettysburg commissioned?
Who is the current Ombudsman?
Ms. Detje.
ETC Detje's wife
On the ESWS pin, what is crossed behind the ship?
A cutlass.
How many blades are on the the screw?
What is the diameter of the screw?
17 feet
What is Gettysburg's beam?
55 feet
What are the SIX types of naval doctrines?
1. Command and Control
2. Operations
3. Warfare
4. Logistics
5. Intelligence
6. Planning
(TRUE OR FALSE) Upon coming aboard a Naval ship, you must FIRST salute the OOD, and then request permission to come aboard, then face the national Ensign and salute.
False, Salute the National Ensign FIRST, and then salute the OOD and ask for permissiomn to board the ship.
What battle was the turning point, in the Pacific Ocean, during the Second World War?
The Battle of Midway
What are the three levels of war?
1. Tactical
2. Operational
3. Strategic
What battle was the turning point in the Pacific Ocean during WWII?
The Battle of Midway
What are the three levels of war?
1. Tactical
2. Operational
3. Strategic
Who is the secretary of defense?
Mr. Donald Rumsfeld
Who is ultimately responsible for the safety of the ship?
The Commanding Officer
Who is the Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPON) of the Navy?
MCPON (SS/AW) Terry D. Scott, he became the tenth Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy on April 22, 2002.
Terry Scott
What is ehe job of the Command Master Chief?
A senior enlsited advisor to the C.O.
senior enlisted advisor
Where is the 5th Fleet
The Persian Gulf
Persian gulf
Who is responsible for all matters pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the ship and preservation of good order and discipline?
The Executive Officer
What is the purpose of the 8 o'clock reports?
To advise the XO about the staus of the equipment in each departmental
equipment updates to XO
What reports are required when giving 12 O'Clock reports?
1. Boat
2. Muster
3. Fuel and Water
4. Mag Temps
5. Draft
6. Chronometer
Boat, Muster, Fuel& Water, Mag Temps, Draft
In a naval Message how would you format the date time group (DTG) for December 7, 1941, at 08:00 Zulu?
What is the purpose of the "Info Line on a Naval message?
The INFO portion of the header identifies Plain Language Address (PLA's) of commands who need the information provided in the message for information purposes only; no action is required on their part.
I.D.'s PLA of commands who need the info.
What does SSIC stand for on a Naval message?
Standard Subject Identification Code
Standard Subject Identification Code
What information would you find on a page 4 in a service record?
Awards, qualifications and service related schools.
Awards, Quals, & Schools
What information would you find on a page 2 in a service record?
Service members dependant information
What form is used for a Report of Disposition of Offenses/
How many sections are there in the Enlisted Distribution and Verification Report (EDVR)?
(True or False) A command can check on the Warfare qualification of a prospective gain by using the EDVR?
What is the job of the Command Training Team(CTT)?
Equal Opportunity and Indoctrination
E.O. & Indoc
What does C.O.S.A.L. stand for?
Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List.
Coord. Shipboard Allowance List
(True or False) DLR's are equipment parts that are repaired onboard ships at a cheaper cost to the Navy?
False, Depot Level Repairs are handled off the ship by an Intermediate Maintenance Activity center.