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Moses and Isis --possessive form regaring their laws and temple?
the laws of Moses
the temple of Isis
NOT Moses' law etc.
Rule regarding serial comma
red, white, and blue

unless FIRM
Cravath, Swaine and Moore
This sentence structure is incorrect: Aarn said, "she is really
tall." So is this: Aarn said that "She is really tall." What is correct?
Aarn said that "she is really tall." Or: Aarn
said, "She is really tall." The first correct version is the preferable one
Can you use ellipses at the end of sentences?
Do not use ellipses (...) at the END of a sentence. Its wrong to do so. For example, this is wrong: Aarn said that "she is tall..." He also said that she is smart.
Can you start a sentence with a number?
Do not start a sentence with a number. Instead, spell out the number. For example, this is wrong: 100% of interviewees said they like polygamy.
The proper way to punctuate dates
-January to July, 1992
-April 13, 1978
-Monday, October 4, 1981
-13 April 1978
Common paranthetic expressions
-The best way to see the world, unless you are pressed for time, is to travel on a boat.
-Well, Pres, this is a huge disaster that you've got us in.
-letters, mailings, etc., should go here
-Homer Harvey, Ph.D., presided
-Shaw Calli, Attorney
-,i.e., and , e.g.,
Rule regarding restrictive terms of identification
No comma should separate a noun from a restrictive term of identification.

-Billy the Kid
-The novelist William Shakespear
-Alexander the Great
Note: Junior is also restrictive:
Chris Right Jr.
Rule regarding nonrestrictive relative clauses
nonrestrictive relative clsauses are parenthetic, as are similar clauses introduced by conjunctions indicatingt time or place