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What is a compound sentence?
2 simple sentences joined together with a coordinating conjunction AKA FANBOYS
What is a complex sentence?
Uses a subordinating conjunction to join the main and minor clauses.
What is a minor sentence?
A group of words made up of commands questions or words using exclamation marks. Or abbreviated words, Proverbs/plithy sayings. E.G To hell with it!
“I remain unconvinced that last plus sign looked more like a division symbol”
Used to lighten the mood, denial of her situation. Helps audience relate to the character. Use of humor to lighten a serious situation.
“that little pink plus sign is so unholy”
camera close up shows her shocked reaction and the dismayed expression, ties in with the theme of denial
“that ain’t no etcha sketch there, that’s one doodle that can’t be undid”
using humor to euthanize the reality and her denial
“all I want you to be my bride, take me by the hand and stay by my side”
foreshadowing romance in the film and the idea that everyone needs someone
“You’re a part time lover and a full time friend, the monkey on your back is the latest trend”
(MOLDY PEACHE) sums up platonic relationship due to juno not accepting that she has feelings for bleeker.
“I’ve been wanting this for a long time”
implies bleekers feelings for juno at the flashback
“I know”
expresses juno’s non committal understanding of his passive love
“like I’d marry you… you’d be the meanest wife ever… there was a whole heap of other stuff we could have done… the blair witch project was out at starz but you were all no lets make out…”
Bleeker’s rebuttal and Juno’s realization of her feelings for Bleeker
“that was the thing feared by all, to be waited for by the young men”
they are on their own and it’s a nameless fear, a fact of life for them
“it was too light to run after the bus: it went down the dark street like an island of safety in a sea of perils”
” simile for the situation the main character is in and the danger of his situation.
“Something within him was crying out in protest of the coming event
foreshadowing the event
“mercy was the unknown word
showing the state of Johannesburg and the life/death situation, reinforces theme of survival
“On the other side of the road was the wasteland, full of wire and iron and the bodies of old cars. It was his only hope”
Irony as his only hope is the most dangerous looking area and the area where he kills his own son
“So trapped was he that he was filled with great strength and anger”
alliteration, emphasizes the theme of survival that a cornered animal is the most dangerous.
“help me, help me!’ in what should have been a great voice but was voiceless and gasping”
Oxymoron, alitteration, reinforces theme of survival that he has adapted to the situation.
“help me, help me
repetition of the same quote to reinforce his situation
It’s Freddy’ one said “he’s dead” c
he’s dead” theme of survival that a father must kill his own son, enables the reader to see the state of South Africa that death is common
“people arise the world is dead’ then he arose himself and went heavily out of the wasteland”
hyperbole and the idea that the survivor bears the heaviest burden
“his eyes were the cold gleaming eyes of a fanatic”
metaphor, shows how much the main character has changed in order to survive
“there were enemies watching
adds to the atmosphere of paranoia and caution that emphasizes the theme of survival
“an old woman, her head covered by a tattered shawl”
” shows the nature of his position, anyone may be a threat, have to be cold blooded to survive
“the lust of battle died within him. He became bitten by remorse”
metaphor and irony as even though he had to kill the other man to survive it doesn’t make it right
“he began to gibber to himself, cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody”
parallel construction, enhances the futility of the war and the theme of survival that they bear the heaviest burden.
“the sniper turned over the body and looked into his brother’s face
irony that he had to kill his own brother out of all the people in Ireland, things one is forced to do to survive. Etc
“well look lennie if you just happen to get in trouble like you always done before”
foreshadows the end as well as reflecting george’s cautious manner.
“just wanted to feel that girl’s dress just wanted to pet it like it was a mouse
lennie’s mental disability and the burdens that george has to bear with, shows how george has to look after him
you’ve broke it petting it”
implies lennie’s uncontrolled strength mental disability, requiring george to survive
“god almighty if I was alone I could live so easy”
george’s frequent exclamations at the difficulty of putting up with lennie because of his disability
“guys like us who work on ranches are the loneliest guys on the planet… but not us and I’ll tell you why. Cause I got you to look after me and you got me to look after you”
symbiotic nature of the relationship that george depends on lennie for companionship while lennie depends on george to live a normal life
“the best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley, and leave us with naught but grief, for promised joy!”
the title of the book foreshadows the ending
"every one of them has got land in his head, and ain't none of them ever get any"
Crook's bitterness toward the world, that everyone chases after the american dream but none get it
"That dog ain't no good to himself"
Carlsons statements toward Candy's dog because of its age
"I wish someone would shoot me if i got that old"
Slim's statement to reassure candy. Shows how candy sees himself reflected in the dog that he is useless
"You think i like being stuck alone in that house all the time?"
Curley's wife's offhand statement to lennie, shows how all she really wants is attention
"listen nigga do you know what i can do to you if you open your mouth?"
Curley's wife striking down Crooks when he attempts to make her leave, reflects upon the racism of the time