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dark liquid formed from dead plants and animals beneath the ground
power that can move things or create heat and light
a poweful energy that is powered when uranium atoms are split-used to produce electricity
nuclear energy
the sun produces _______________ energy
light and heat
wind energy can be used to
move a sailboat
turn a wind turbine
run a generator
What are three fossil fuels?
coal, oil, natural gas
Wind, oil, water, coal, and sun can be used to create what type of energy?
electrical energy
What type of resource is water?
limited resource
Fossil fuels are what type of resource?
nonrenewable or limited
What types of products can be manufactured from petroleum?
gasoline and plastic
How can we save our energy sources?
by conserving them
and recycling
to change something so that it can be reused
a fixed amount of resources such as coal, oil, or natural gas
nonrenewable resource
form of energy that produces light and heat
a fossil fuel that is a colorless and odorless gas
natural gas
fuel formed from the remains of dead plants and animals that lived millions of years ago
fossil fuel
to add anything harmful to the air, water, or land
a black rock fossil fuel formed from the remains of plants that grew in swampy areas millions of years ago
energy from the sun
solar energy
resources that can be placed such as tees, or resources that can be renewed constantly such as the sun, water, wind, and wood
renewable resource