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Where can Sertoli cells be found and what do they form?
In the seminiferous tubules. Tight junctions btwn adjacent cells form the blood-testis barrier.
What 2 hormones stimulate Sertoli cells?
FSH: grow and secrete spermatogenic substances
TST: strong trophic effect
What is the main function of Sertoli cells?
Support spermatogenesis.
What are androgen binding proteins (ABP)?
They are synthesized by the Sertoli cells under FSH stimulation. They allow the local accumulation of TST.
What stimulates the release of LH and FSH from the anterior pituitary?
GnRH, released by the hypothalamus.
What are 5 general functions of androgens?
1.Regulate release of hormones from ant. pituitary and hypothalamus
2.Support of spermatogenesis
3.Regulation of sexual behavior
4.Development of the male phenotype
5.Sexual maturation
What is the effect of LH on Leydig cells?
Stimulates TST production. Also exerts a trophic effect and is req'd for maintenance of cell function
Where do Leydig cells reside?
In the interstitium of the testes, scattered in the CT surrounding each tubule
Where is inhibin produced? What does it do?
It is produced in the Sertoli cells and acts on the ant. pituitary to inhibit FSH release.
What other hormones does TST regulate and how?
It inhibits the release of GnRH from the hypothalamus, the release of LH from the ant. pituitary, and to a small degree the release of FSH from the ant. pituitary
What is the mitotic status of Sertoli cells?
They are post-mitotic and unable to divide.
What are 4 effects of FSH on Sertoli cells?
1.Induces P450 aromatase
2.Cell proliferation (during devlopment and before puberty)
3.Stimulates synthesis of inhibin
4.Stimulates synthesis of ABP
What is the function of Leydig cells?
Production of steroid hormones, namely TST
What are 2 things that can happen to TST in the periphery?
1.Conversion to DHT by 5-a reductase
2.Conversion to estradiol by aromatase
What is DHT?
It has similar effects to TST, but at a different magnitude.
What happens to TST in the Sertoli cells?
Some remains local by binding ABP, some is converted to estradiol by P450 aromatase.