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What are the electrodes coming from the patient plugged into?
The electrode board or sometimes called the jackbox
What is the main sensitivity control?
the main sensitivity has step settings that may range from 1uV/mm to 150 mV/cm
What does the sensitivity equalizer do?
this is a continuous control that enables the technologist to set precisely the sensitivity in each channel
What is a multiplier do?
This enables the technologist to change the overall sensitivity of any individual channel by a constant factor. eg by a factor of 100
What are the pens called?
ink-writing galvanometers
The input cable is connected to what?
The electrode selector
What does the electrode selector do?
it connects the the electrodes to the amplifiers. There are switches that are arrainged in pairs corresponding to 2 inputs of each amplifier (G1 and G2)
The selection of a pair of electrodes using the electrode selector is called what?
A derivation
What do we call a specific set of derivations?
A montage
What is used to change amplifier inputs during a montage change?
A master electrode selector
What is a calibrator?
a device that sends a precise preselected voltage to all inputs/outputs to test the identical working conditions of the machine
What is the electrode test?
It measures the total resistance of the 2 electodes under test