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Four important pieces of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) associated with Body Substance Isolation(BSI) and their indications for use.
1. GLOVES: Worn anytime the situation may include blood or other body fluids.
2. EYE PROTECTION: Used whenever there is the possibility of blood or body fluids splashing into the face or eyes.
3. MASK: Protects in situations where blood or body fluid may contact the EMT-B's nose or mouth, or to protect from airborne diseases.
4. GOWN: Used when large amounts of blood or body fluid are expected.
Type of consent which allows EMT-Basics to treat unconcious patients.
Implied Consent.
Name three types of consent.
Actual consent
Informed consent
Minor's consent
Implied consent
Definition of Abandonment.
Termination of patient care without assuring the continuation of care at an equal or higher level.
Definition of Negligence.
Deviation from the accepted standard of care that results in further injury to the patient.
Standard color coding system for Triage Categories.
BLACK...............Dead or expectant