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List the top five causes of MOI Trauma deaths since 1970
Motor Vehicles Accidents
Poisoning by lliquids or solids
Fire and burns
Why do we care about Kinematics
It allows us to see how a traumatic injury happens
What injuries are possible or likely
What internal organs or body systems maybe involved
What is Newtons first law
A body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by some outside force
What is Newtons Second Law
Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be changed in form
What are the three concepts of Energy
List 8 Significant MOI
Ejection - from a vehicle
Death - of another passenger
Rollover - of the vehicle
High Speed - crash (45/25)
Motorcycle - Crash
Pedestrian - Struck by Vehicle
Penetrating Trauma (head, chest, abdomen)
Fall - over 20/10 ft or 3x patients height
Signicant MOI for children
Fall - Over 10 ft or 3xH
Medium speed - crash 25
Bicycle crash
What are the two types of trauma
Explain Coup contra Coup
The brain moves inside the skull and during collision the brain can hit the skull and be damaged.
With coup contra coup the brain strikes the skull on impact and on recoil strikes the reverse side of the skull.
This cause damage to opposites parts of the brain.
The effect is Worse in old people
List the 3 types of crashes suffered by the body in a vehicle collision
The vehicular collision - Car against object

The body collision - Passenger against inside of car

The Organ Collision - Passenger internal organs against the structures of the body
List the 5 types of MVC Crashes
Frontal - Headon
Lateral - T-Bone
Rear End
Rotational - Spin
Which type of MVC Crash results in the most deaths
Lateral or T-Bone
Give Example of low , medium and High energy Penetraing Trauma
Low - Knife
Medium - Gun
High - Explosion
What are the three type of the injuries from explosion
Pressure wave injuries
Flying Debris
Being thrown by the blast and hitting something
What is Cavitaion
the pressure wave that occurs as the bullet passes through the tissues
Air Bag and seat belt injuries to children under what age or size are more severe
Under 12
under 5'2"