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If the engine starter system is operating properly but the aircraft engine will not start, what components are working properly?
Centrifugal switches.
What is the last thing you must do before completing a troubleshooting cycle?
Perform an operational checkout.
When the GTC starter motor is turning, the oil pressure switch closes at approxmately...
5000 RPM.
What type of fuel system valves link the left wing and the aft body tanks to the right wing, mid body, and forward body tanks?
How does the auxiliary fuel tank indicating system give a no-flow indication?
A flashy amber light.
You can check the fuel boost pumps in the fuel control system by...
pulling and resetting the pump circuit breakers.
How many boost pumps are there in the main fuel tank no. 1?
The fuel-flow control switches for the external and outboard wing tanks are gaurded OFF...
because fuel loads affect wing loading.
The output of the scavenge pumps is approximately...
2 gallons per minute.
If an ohmmeter reading from case ground to one phase of the fuel boost pump indicates infinity, what problem is most likely causing this?
There is no problem. This is a normal reading.
Thermal switches in a fire warning system are normally connected in...
parallel with each other and in series with the warning light.
Frequently used in five warning systems, the fire detector that has a high-nickel steel rod located along the centerline of a stainless steel tube assembly is called...
an Iron Fireman switch.
The maximum circuit resistance within a thermocouple circuit is...
5 ohms.
The DC voltage that is supplied to the lights in a photoelectric circuit is pulsed at a rate of...
10 Hz.
For the master caution lamps in a master caution system to illuminate,
controller rectifier SCR2 conducts current to forward bias transistor Q1.
The first step in troubleshooting a malfunction in an aircraft lighting system is to...
analyze the malfunction.
While troubleshooting an inoperative taxi light, you check for 28VAC on terminal A2 of the taxi light relay and find 0 VAC. The most probably cause for this problem is an open...
wire between relay and taxi light.
The locking cylinder unlock switch on the ramp and cargo door system is located in the...
The position switches provide voltage to the locked solenoid of the ramp up-lock control valve when...
the ramp is in the fully up position.
Which ramp and cargo door system component completes the circuit to the ramp control valve?
Locking cylinder unlocked switch.
The left-hand and right-hand position switches in the ramp and cargo door system supply power to the ramp up-lock control valve during...
closing of the ramp.
What happens if the pilot uses the ramp and cargo door switch while the aircraft is in flight?
Ramp and door open at the same time.
When the cargo ramp moves to the fully closed position, but will not lock, the most probably cause is the...
ramp position switches.
What is used to minimize the initial torque shock to the drive coupling at the beginning of fuel-air starter operation?
Slip-type clutch.
What happens to the air in a pneumatic starter system when the regulating-and shutoff valve closes?
Vented overboard.
When a pneumatic starter reaches maximum speed, the ground circuit to the starter relay is opened by...
centrifugal switch.