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In the DC power supply system, the delta-wound secondaries of the internal transformer in the TR unit are used to provide a more stable..
current output.
In the DC power supply system, the RCR de-energizes when the potential at the..
GEN terminal is less than the BAT terminal.
During normal operation, the RCR in a DC power supply system is energized by the..
TR units.
What is the cause of a normal battery not charging, when the DC power supply system is operating and the battery switch is in the NORMAL position?
Open normal battery relay.
When a fault occurs, the individual caution lamps in the master caution system remain on until...
the fault is corrected.
The first step you take when troubleshooting the master caution system is to..
analyze the problem.
When the cargo and personnel doors close and lock, the...
door-open relay will deenergize.
When all systems are configured for flight, the pilot or co-pilot must press the...
hydraulic pitch trim lever.
After an operational check confirms that the take-off light does not illuminate, you would first check the...
take off lightbulbs and circuit breakers.
What does it mean if there is a 28vdc on the negative side of the spoiler control take-off warning relay contacts?
Relay contacts are closed.
The DBC that coordinates the flow of information on the data bus is the...
data bus controller.
What components in the landing gear system initiate a signal that identifies the landing gear position at any given time?
Limit switches.
Placing the landing gear control handle in the up position provides 28vdc from the...
essential DC bus.
If the warning horn indicates that the landing gear is not down and locked, the...
throttle exceeds minimum cruise power.
A reading of 28vdc on the up-side of the LG selector valve would indicate...
an open or short between the LG selector valve and ground.
If you are troubleshooting the landing gear system and find a good ground and a reading of 28VDC at the connector of the left position indicator, the most likely cause for this problem is..
bad indicator.
In the Mark 2 anti-skid circuit, the component that translates a change of frequency into control signals is the...
Control shield.
During a landing roll, a DC voltage is supplied to the Mark 2 anti-skid system valve driver by the...
locked wheel circuit.