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The engine section from which bleed air is usually taken is the...
What is the approximate temperature and pressure of engine bleed as it is tapped from the engine compression section.
(200 psi) and (900 degrees F)
Which component determines the amount of bleed air bled from a gas turbine compressor?
Load control valve.
What engine bleed component prevents loss of air through the engine when it is shutdown?
Shutoff valve.
What component stops the flow of air to the air-conditioning system?
System shutoff valve.
Why are orifices installed between the air source and the airconditioning system?
To control the amount of bleed air drawn from the air source.
What is the bleed air system component that protects downstream components from excessive pressure by the controlling the airflow?
Pressure limiter.
The amount of airflow through a pressure limiter is effected by each of these (inlet pressure, inlet temperature, and differential pressure)except..
outlet pressure.
To remedy the limitations of a flow control valve, which bleed air system component is usually installed upstream of the flow control valve.
Pressure regulator and shutoff valve.
What is the bleed air system component that modulates to maintain a constant downstream air pressure.
Airflow regulator.
The lockout butterfly of the airflow regulator has an offset center of rotation. This design gives the butterfly a pressure that is unbalanced towards which position?
After replacing a bleed air system airconditioning airflow regulator fusable plug, you must also reset the...
Pneumatic switch.
The downstream air temperature of the bleed air air-conditioning system has exceeded the predetermined temperature. This has caused the butterfly to close. What flow control and shutoff valve component will now open?
Thermal switch.
The flow control valve in the bleed air air conditioning system controls flow by maintaining a constant differential pressure between the..
inlet and throat of the venturi
While installing a bleed air system bolted flanged face duct end, you use a new crush-type gasket, align the flange, and insert the bottom bolts first to form a cradle. Then, you install the remaining bolts and tighten all the nuts. After the installation is complete you perform an operational check that reveals a leak. From the above information what important procedure did you overlook?
Flange bolts were not torqued in the proper sequence.
What type of high-pressure/high-temperature ducting does not require a gasket?
Compressible flange.
What corrective action should be taken when a compressible flange duct end becomes distorted?
Reshape the duct flange ends to it's original shape.
Which lubricant can be used on a beaded channel clamp sleeve to ease installation?