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Infarction in ventricles can often be fatal. Why?
Nearby Hypoxic Ventricular foci can produce serious ventricular arrrhythmias.
Ischemia is characterized on an EKG by an inverted and symmetrical (blank).
T wave
Acute myocardial injury is denoted on an EKG by ST segment (blank)
Persistent ST segment elevation in the precordial leads is related to what condition?
Ventricular Aneurysm
ST segment elevation along with (blank) can denote severity of the infarction.
Q waves (no Qs usually less severe)
Describe the Effect of Pericarditis on the ST segment.
Elevation of ST that is flat or slightly concave.
Flat ST depression can be seen in (blank location) infarction
Significant Q waves (0.04s, 1mm, or 1/3 QRS) indicate (blank).
Describe where best to appreciate Q waves in Anterior, Lateral & Inferior Infarcts.
Anterior - V1-V4;
Lateral - I, AVL;
Inferior - II, III, AVF
What would you see in V1-V2 with Acute Anterior Infarction?
ST elevation with Significant Q waves
What would you see in V1-V2 with Acute Posterior Infarction?
Large R wave with ST depression (note that this is the opposite of Acute Anterior).
Why does LBBB complicate infarction diagnosis on EKG?
Delay causes Q waves from the Left to fall within the middle of the QRS complex and may not be detected.
Describe the coronary vessels responsible in Anterior, Lateral,Inferior & Posterior Infarcts.
Anterior - LAD;
Lateral - Circumflex from L;
Posterior - RCA;
Inferior - can be either R/LCA
Describe the vascularization of the AV node and its R & L Bundles (Anterior & posterior branches)
AV = RCA; R Bundle = LAD; L Bundle Anterior = LAD; L Bundle Posterior = LAD +- RCA;
What is the Anterior Hemiblock's vessel that is occluded? EKG findings?
Left Anterior Descending; L axis deviation with normal/slightly wider QRS, Q1S3
RBBB with Left Axis Deviation is probably caused by (blank)
Anterior Hemiblock.
What is the EKG Findings in Posterior hemiblock?
RAD, normal/slightly wider QRS, S1Q3
intermittent changes in QRS pattern are characteristic of ?
Intermittent BBB
intermittent changes of QRS axis are characteristic of?
intemrittent hemiblock