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PR interval
time for impulse to pass from atria (SA node) to the ventricles
0.12-0.2 sec (3-5 boxes)
QRS complex
width of QRS complex is time required for impulse to fully pass through the ventricles
0.06-0.12 sec (1.5-3 boxes)
ST segment
both ventricles are fully depolarized (no dipole)
QT interval
time with action potential of ventricular muscle cells
*varies inversely with HR
0.3-0.4 sec
Sinus arrhythmia
cyclic variation in the frequency of SA node discharges linked to the respiratory cycle
inspiration--> increase HR
expiration--> decrease HR
AV block
primary: PR interval constant and prolonged ( >0.2 sec)
Wenckenbach/Type I/secondary: PR interval prolonged with occasionally dropped QRS (series is consistent P:QRS ratio)
tertiary: no temporal relationship b/w P & QRS