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Six rock-filled rapids
Rich, fertile soil deposited by the flooding of a river
The place at the mouthh of a river where it splits into several streams to form an area shaped like a triangle
Greek author who travled thought the known world; wrote about wars between Grece and Persia in the History; the first historical worker of ancient times
An ancient region in northeastern Africa that extended from the Nile Valley in Egypt to present day Sudan, specifically between the second and sixth cataracts
Upper Nubia
An ancient region in nothern Africa extending from the Nile Valley in Egypt to present day Sudan, specifically between the first and second Nile cataracts
Lower Nubia
An area in ancient Egypt, in the northern Nile River region
Lower Egypt
An area in ancient Egypt in the Nile Valley, south of the river's delta and 30th nothern parallel
Upper Egypt
Two main sources...
Blue Nile & White Nile
Rough Nile...
Blue Nile
Calm Nile...
White Nile
Khartoum is where...
The Blue and White Nile meet.
Nile empties into the...
Mediterrean Sea
The Nile forms a...
Gift of the Nile is...