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A supervisors position used to be power based, its now
relationship based
A supervisors position used to be competitive, it is now
Where employers once valued employees who could go it alone, they now look for
team players
Why have so many changes hit the workplace?
shifts in the larger environment
Four specific factors are changing the appearance and character of local government
- demographic changes
- technological changes
- changes in legal accountability
- shifts in employees expectations and attitudes
The increasing diversity in the workforce requires the supervisor to ____
familiarize themselves with different expectations, traditions. work styles and perspectives
With the advent of new technology what has changed?
computers now take the place of clerical work. These advances have enabled many types of employees to work outside the traditional office environment
One of the most significant effects of legal mandates ___
is that a greater percentage of the time a supervisor spends managing administrative processes that are not directly
All of the fair labor acts including FLSA, ADA, and FMLA are intende to protect the rights of individual employees but they may also do what to the supervisors role
reduce flexibility, add to their administrative burdens, and expose local governments to greater risks of litigation
As a supervisor, what do you have to assume about litigation
that nearly everyone of your actions and decisions can be litigated
Local governments are more likely to be sued because of ___ than for any other reason
human resource actions
In this day and age what are emplotees expecting their jobs to fulfill
needs of friendship, affirmation, and acceptance
These days, both supervisors and nonsupervisors alike see their careers as ___ not ___
cyclical, not linear. Meaning that changing careers several times over their working lives
todays employees expect to make more ___ about the issues that directly affect them
If jobs are interesting, meaningful, and enjoyable, what effect will it have on employees
employees will then stay in jobs that meet these criteria even if it means lower pay
What is the first step to being a good supervisor
self - awareness
Supervisor must meet two challenges in building good working relationships
you must find your own balance between being one of the gang, and being a person in charge. You must relate to everyone in the workforce equally well
Employees respond well to supervisors whom they ___
respect and admire
Where ever possible, match employees ___ to the job
Explain the management attitude
supervisors that understand the larger goals and processes of the organization, and how the work of individual employees advance those goals and processes
Building good working relationships means ___
being fair, compassionate, and predictable
What is one of the best tests of your ability as a supervisor?
whether your employees work as hard when you are away from the job site as when you are there
True or False
As a supervisor you are a member of management and a member of ___
the work team
compelling argument can be made that the people most vital to an organizations success are ___
its first line supervisors
Because you work side by side with your employees, you are probably in a better position than anyone else in management to make sure that
your employees are doing their job and helping the company grow and prosper
One popular model of the relationship between management and leadership is ____
the Competing Values Framework
According to the Competing Values Framework, all management and leadership skills fall into one of four categories
1. clan skills
2. adhocracy skills
3. market skills
4. hierarchy skills
It has been said "managers do things right" and " leaders do the ___"
right things
A mission statement focuses on the ideal, but it does not ___
specify how to reach that ideal
A mission statement offers a picture of what an organization would be if ___
if completely fulfilled its potential
Effective supervisors must be able to guide their work units in developing ___
clearly defined goals
Closely knit teams create
the most effective supervisors
How does team spirit grow
out of a sense of pride and belonging
Todays supervisors do not hesitate to rely on the expertise of ___
their employees
The goal of a supervisor is the leader of a team rather than
the boss of a group
To catch problems while they are still small, what is it important to do?
develop empathy - an awareness of the feelings of others
Effective supervisors are willing to ___ jobs in order to make them more interesting and challenging
Todays employees resist work that is ____
monotonous or that they percieve as meaningless
When possible what would an effective supervisor do with an employees personal goals?
integrate their personal goals into the job
As a supervisor, how should you measure success?
outcomes and results, not processes or level effort
Leadership involves leaders act, followers react? OR
a two way process that commitment from both parties
leadership is a two way process that requires commitment from both parties
According to chapter 3, leadership will be defined as ___
an activity, an influence process, in which an individual gains the trust and commitment of others and without recourse to formal position or authority moves the group to the accomplishment of one or more tasks
Leadership is the exertion of ___
positive influence
Good leaders tend to show concern for ___
others as well as tasks
Who tends to have the most useful perception of your leadership skills
subordinates views, especially if they are allowed to remain anonymous
What is a better predictor of effective leadership -
behavior or personal traits
behavior. Personality is one thing, how they actually operate (behavior) is where its really key
What are the three sources of influence
1. Role: a supervisors role carries with it the requisite power and authority to ge the job done
2. Reputation: the second major source of a supervisors influence
3. Behavior: supervisors should seek as much behavioral feedback as possible
What are the three conditions for influence
1. Trustworthiness: most people are reluctant to allow those they do not trust to enter their lives and exert influence
2. Expertise: perhaps the most essential condition for influence
3. Attractiveness: whether people percieve the influencer as having values and beliefs that are similar to theirs
Emotional fitness as a leader, what about it?
its importance cannot be overstated. Emotional fitness is directly related to your ability to maintain your emotional health
What is the real source of authority in any organization
the legitimacy of the guiding principles that the organization lives by
Name 5 practices as a leader that should improve your leadership capacity
1. seek feedback early and often
2. find worthy models and mentors
3. become a student of leadership
4. find the challenges that are right for you
5. develop a plan that is right for you
For supervisors work planning means determing what 6 factors
1. what needs to be done
2. the order of the tasks
3. when the work must be completed
4. what support will be needed to complete it
5. who will do the work
6. what the expected quality of the results will be
What 4 elements should a good work plan have in place
1. a clear statement of the specific goals to be accomplished
2. a step by step description of the tasks requiring completion
3. a schedule that details the people and supplies that are needed to reach the goals
4. a description of ways to measure progress and results
Stating goals, what is the acronym SMART
1. Specific (what is to be done)
2. Measurable (expectations)
3. Attainable (is it doable)
4. Results based (end product)
5. Time bound (when is it to be completed)
What is the most important aspect of scheduling resources
scheduling the time of the people who will be doing the work
Checking on the progress or work
1. are we on schedule
2. is the work being done correctly
3. are the quality and service level as expected
4. can we improve on our processes for the next time
5. could any part of the operation be improved by teaching new skills
Project management basics
1. involves a series of complex tasks
2. is bounded by time and resources
3. has a clearly defined outcome
Supervisors spend only about __ percent of their time on the activities that produce ___ of the result
20, 80
What does it take to make a system work?
good organization
How is the formal organizational different from the informal organization
- formal organization is on paper. How one unit is supposed to work with all the other units
- informal organization is shaped by human factors including workers interests, backgrounds, preferences and affiliations
Name the three major models of formal organization
1. Line organization, or chain of command which is the simplest
2. Line and staff organization relies on experts to advise line officials
3. Functional organization in which each of the organizations specialized functions has its own department, and that department is headed up by an expert or specialist
Which type of organization is used by public safety departments
line organization, because its the simplest and its chain of command
What is the bottom line of teamwork
teamwork is good business
In building a team, as a supervisor what do you need to do with your team members
create an environment where the differences between people become assets rather than liabilities
True or False
People are less likely to be motivated to work towards a common goal if they feel that they are part of a team effort
false. People are more likely to be motivated when they are part of a team effort
A group passes through what 4 stages on its way to becoming a team
1. Forming - when members come together and are uncertain of the nature and role of the group
2. Storming - marked by conflict - mainly over who will lead, and how the group members will respond to that leader
3. Norming - the beginnings of cohesiveness and closeness amongst the group members
4. Performing - when the group
The seven steps to teamwork
1. show team members where they fit into the system
2. hold frequent meeting with team members
3. set goals with your team
4. encourage team members to suggest solutions to problems
5. let team members tell you things you may not want to hear
6. let team members set the standards
7. respect diversity
A key concept to teamwork is shared management, explain
where management and employees work together
Create a career ladder enabling those who work hardest to achieve new success and move forward to ___
new challenges
One of your roles as supervisor is to plan ahead for the future supervisory needs of your organization. What is a way to do this
mentoring members of your team that you believe have potential
Whose job is it to run orientation for new employees
the supervisor
Whose job is it to ensure that a new employee get off to a good start
the supervisor
Early in the orientation period, two points should be made clear - name them
- what you expect from the employee
- what the employee can expect from the job
What is a check back system
this means setting aside time for the new employee to ask questions and to tell the employee what he or she is doing right and what needs improving or changing
Effective supervisors treat performance evaluation as a continous process or as a one a year activity
a continuous process
Are first impressions frequently right or frequently wrong
first impressions are usually WRONG. Second, third, even tenth impressions can be wrong a well
When does evaluation of a new employee begin?
the day a person accepts a job and a personnel file is opened
In truth, when is the evaluation process in motion
the evaluation is always ongoing
Goals should be ____ but ____
challenging but realistic
What is wrong with evaluating once a year
many of the actions, good and bad, will be old and possibly forgotten
What is very important as the supervisor continually evaluates a new employee in the first 6 months
A good attitude by the supervisor
What must the emphasis be on during the assessment process
the emphasis must be on results
Is the annual evaluation a good time to place reprimands on an employee
Generally speaking there should, or should not, be surprises in a formal evaluation interview
there should NOT be surprises
What is the central tendency effect
when the supervisor rtes everyone at the midpoint of the scale, regardless of performance
What is the recency factor
when the supervisor rates an employee on the basisi of recent occurrences rather than the whole appraisal period (this could be positive or negative occurrences)
What is the halo effect
this occurs when the supervisor lets performance in one area influence the ratings for other areas
Effective supervision is a necessary part of effective supervision. Studies show that ___ percent or more of the supervisors day is spent in some form of verbal communication
80 percent or more of the supervisors day is spent in some form of verbal communication
There are two types of communication, name them
- one way communication is when no feedback from the reciever is encouraged or allowed
- two way feedback is when feedback is allowed and/or encouraged
What is paralanguage
how something is said rather than what is said. includes the tone of voice, pitch, emphasis, speed, loudness, and pauses we use when we speak.
Effective supervisors should or should not be conscious of how they use personal space
SHOULD be very conscious on how they use personal space. If personal space is invaded, in anyone's eyes, it can be misinterpreted
What is a good way to counteract resistance to feedback from an employee?
by asking your employees to give YOU feedback on your performance as well
Active listening, true listening is what
goes beyond just hearing. It means understanding what the other person is saying
Does an active listener improve their communication skills?
absolutely, yes
Name the 9 principles that can improve your coaching ability
1. clarify your coaching role
2. engage your employees interests and passions
3. be a conversation partner
4. define the business results
5. clarify perofmance expectations
6. build dynamic capability
7. recognize "teachable moments"
8. use multiple coaching media
9. provide recognition and rewards
What are the 3 parts to delegation
1. responsibility - give an employee the responsiblity to achieve a task
2. authority - they must be given the authority to complete the task
3. accountability - must be held accountable
What are the basics of effective counseling?
- empathy
- caring
- listening
- confidentiality
What are the aspects of mentoring
the mentor serves as inspiration for personal growth and development, supports the employee on his or her career path, acts as a sounding board for difficult decisions, and serves as an ally and adviser
Mentoring relationships are formal or informal
Ultimately, what is your main job as a supervisor
to get work done through yoru employees
Theory X, Y and Z comes from ___
Douglas Macgregor's
The Human Side of Enterprise
Discuss Theory X
theory x believes that
- people dislike work and will avoid it if possible
- people must be controlled and directed in the execution of their tasks
- people are only productive if they are coerced and intimidated
Discuss Theory Y
theory Y believes that
- work is a natural activity and an opportunity to learn and develop
- people are motivated by the opportunity to do challenging work
- self discipline is necessary if work is to be accomplished
- people will accept and even seek responsibility
Discuss Theory Z
theory Z believes that
- people are complex and their needs vary from day to day
- workers may be simultaneously motivated by short term and long term rewards
- people bring their personal motives to work and the experiences they have at work teach them new motives
In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, discuss the self actualization or self fulfillment need
this is the need to fully develop ones abilities and a satisfying life
What are Herzbergs hygiene factors?
- decent salary
- good working conditions
- fair supervision
- good interpersonal relations
What are Herzbergs motivators?
- interesting work
- responsibility
- recognition
- advancement
Herzberg's motivators
- interesting work
- responsibility
- recognition
- advancement
Research has uncovered 4 distinct types who are motivated by public service, name them
1. Samaritans: motivated to help the underpriviliged or in distress
2. Communitarians: motivated by an intrinsic desire to serve the public good
3. Patriots: have a strong sense of duty and commitment to the public good
4. Humanitarians: motivated by a strong sense of social justice and a desire to make a difference in the community
To release higher levels of motivation in your employee, what are some of the things a supervisor can do
- involve your employees in decision making and setting goals that directly affect the quality of their work
What is a normal human response to change?
resistance. Many of us would rather live with a problem that is familiar than to try to adopt a solution that is unfamiliar
People are much better at adjusting to change if ____
they have time to prepare for it
When change must take place, what is the difference between compliance and commitment
- compliance means that people feel they HAVE to make the change
- commitment means that people WANT to make the change
what is a 9 step approach to problem solving?
1. Name the problem
2. Brainstorm causes
3. Select the cause
4. Identify the desired change
5. Brainstorm a solution
6. Choose a solution
7. Write an action plan
8. Implement the action plan
9. Evaluate the solution
Unfortunately not all supervisors use a ____ approach to discipline
Supervisors that use a negative approach to discipline get what kind of behavior from their employees
they DO get the desired behavior but only when they are looking
if someone fears and dislikes their boss, what will they think of the rules
they will fear and dislike the rules as well
What are the 4 steps to strengthening self discipline?
1. Issue clear, reasonable rules and regulations
2. Set a good example
3. Clearly communicate performance expectations
4. Keep complete records on employees
When dealing with rule violations what are 5 steps that would be wise to follow
1. Act promptly
2. Get all the facts
3. Decide what action to take
4. Hold a disciplinary interview
5. Use the appeal procedure
What is the difference between gripes and complaints?
- gripes are what people do to just let off steam
- complaints are more serious because ir does require that the supervisor take some sort of action
What is a grievance?
a grievance is usually a written expression of an employees dissatisfaction with some aspect of the job that is not under the employees immediate control
Formal grievances are or are not allowed on management issues
NOT allowed on management issues. A grievance grows out of an employees feeling that her or she has been treated harshly or unfairly by the organization, fellow employees or the supervisor
What is the supervisors job when it comes to gripes, complaints in relation to grievances?
supervisors job is to respond to gripes and complaints BEFORE they turn into grievances
Effective supervisors catch problems when they are ___ and easier to deal with
Are grievances personal criticisms?
Handling a grievance, what should the supervisor do
- protect the employees basic rights as a citizen
- fit the size, complexity, and operating conditions of the organization
- be simple and easy for employees to understand
- allow the employee to be accompanied or represented by an individual of his or her choice
- be in written form and brought to the attention of all employees
- provide for a prompt satisfactory response
- be fully understood and supported by all levels of management
How you listen can have what effect on a grievance
it may have alot to do with how easy it is to settle a grievance
If your organization already has a safety program then ___
much of your work is already done
A good safety program has two important components
1. Things that employees shouldn't do
2. Things that employees should do
What are the 4 major sources of accidents
1. People
2. Equipment
3. Materials
4. Environment
Out of the 4 major sources of accidents, what is the biggest cause?
Basic causes of accidents can be divided into two groups, name them
1. Personal factors
2. Job factors
Who wrote, and what is, the domino effect
Written by H. W. Heinrich it goes as follows:
1. Lack of management control is the first to fall
2. Basic causes is the second
3. Immediate causes is the third domino to fall
4. The accident is the final domino to fall
What is the main point of the domino effect to the supervisor
that there are many things that a supervisor can do before the last domino falls
Immediate causes are the symptoms of the basic causes and fall into two categories, what are they
1. Unsafe practices
2. Unsafe conditions
The most effective way to run a safety program is ___
to have the emplyees manage the program themselves. Have the employees create the program out of the knowledge of their jobs. Inspire teamwork
What are internal customers
internal customers are inside the organization including your co workers, your supervisor, and everyone right up the management line. Your employees are also your customers
What are external customers?
outside the organization including citizens, visitors, local business owners etc.
What do local governments use to define customer service?
service standards
Moments of truth. What does this mean according to this book?
those times when customer service is tested
While professionalism can be measured in many ways, which is the most obvious
Common courtesy is yet another meaure of ___
Complaints are important why?
because they signal that something is wrong
What is ethics?
the practice of applying a code of conduct to day to day actions
Anyone who is part of the government is also a ___
public servant
Ethics is an important part of your local governments overall ___
What does and ethical organization look like?
everyone is treated with honesty and respect
Local governments obligations are often summed up in a single word: ___
In practical terms it is not enough to just "do the right thing"
you also have to APPEAR to be doing the right thing
Having professional ethics means what to you as a supervisor
it means striving to do your best as a supervisor
Think carefully before you ___
Every action you take will have ___
Everything you do ___
The ethical action test
- is it legal
- does it comply with our rules and regulations
- is it consistent with our organizational values
- does it match our stated commitments
- will I feel comfortable and guilt free if I do it
- would I do it to my family and friends
- would I feel okay if someone did it to me
- would the most ethical person I know do it
What is the Kid or Parent on your shoulder test
what would I say to my child, or my parent, about the action I'm about to take
What is the newspaper headline test
how would you feel if the lead headline in tomorrows paper announced what you are thinking about
What is the golden rule test
would I want to be treated in the same way I'am considering treating someone else