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Describe the Operational Chain of Command.
From President, thru the Sec of Defense to a CDR of a Unified or Specified command. Organized in a permanent fashion.
Describe the Administrative Chain of Command.
Through the SECNAV & the CNO to the operating forces. Task oriented and structured as necessary to meet operational requirements.
Unified and Specified Commanders operate under the control of _____.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Describe a Unified command.
Composed of elements of 2 or more servicwes. Has broad continuing mission and a single commander.
Name the Unified Commands.
Joint Forces Command, Transportation Command, and Strategic Command (STRATCOM).
Name the Geographic commands.
NSPCE. Northern, Southern, Pacific, Central and European.
Describe STRATCOM.
Members from all 4 services. Mostly AF, USN, Army and USMC. Civilians don't transfer out.
Describe a Specified Command.
Has a broad continuing mission but composed of only 1 service.
Name the Specifiec Commands.
North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)and Air Mobility Command (AMC).
What does NORAD do?
Binational (US & Canada) aerospace warning and control of N America. Includes surveillance of airspace.
What does AMC do?
Provides rapid, global mobility and sustainment for armed forces. Humanitarian support. Strategic airlift and refueling for forces.
Ships and craft are classified by types and orgainized into....?
Training commands, surface forces, fleet marine forces, naval air forces and submarine forces.
What are the 3 Fleet Commanders?
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet; commands all Naval forces in the Pacific theater.
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; commands all Naval forces in the Atlantic theater.
Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Forces Europe; commands all Naval forces in the European theater.
Naval Air Force Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Directly under CINCPACFLT in administrative chain of command. Usually Vice Admiral.
Naval Air Force Commander, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Directly under CINCLANTFLT in administrative chain of command. Usually Vice Admiral.
Type Commanders
In command of certain types of squadrons.
Aircraft Controlling Custodian (ACC)
Term applied to air commands & COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for excercising administrative control of assignment, employment, and logistic support of certain A/C & A/C engines.
What ACC's have been designated by the CNO?
What is a functional Wing Commander?
Responsible for A/C material readiness, administration, training and inspection of squadrons under their command.
What are Type Squadron Commanders?
Responsible for the maintenance and material condition of aeronautical equipment under their cognizance. Coordinate the NAMP.
Discuss the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON).
Joe R. Campa Jr. Sr enlisted member. 3 yr duty. Advisor to CNO and Chief of Naval Personnel in all matters pertaining to enlisted.
Discuss the Fleet Master Chief.
Principle enlisted advisor to the Fleet CDR on things that affect the welfare, morale and well-being of enlisted crew.
How many Fleet Master Chiefs are they and name them.
6. Fleet MC Pacific Fleet, Atlantic Fleet, Naval Forces Europe, Material Command, Shore Activities and Naval Education and Training.
Discuss the Force Master Chief.
David R. Pennington. Principle advisors to Force Group Commanders.
How many Force Master Chiefs are there?
What is the criteria for a Command Master Chief?
Based on # of personnel in command. 250+ elible for a CMC. Command with less may designat a MCPO to serve as a collateral duty CMC.
What does the CMC do?
Principle advisor to the CO on enlisted matters.