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wearing away of rock by a grinding action
the permeable layer, usually sandstone or gravel
base level
the level of the body of water into which a stream flows
bed load
sand, pebbles, and boulders that are moved along the bed of a stream and are too heavy to be carried in suspension
glaciers as they extend into the sea, great blocks of ice break off to become icebergs
carrying power
the total amount of sediment in a stream together with the size of the particles being moved by the stream
continental glacier
the large ice sheets of Greenland and Antartica
a condition in which soil water storage is gone and there is a need for moisture from rainfall
the loss of moisture as water vapor from the ground and from plants leaves
in the hugh snowfields freshly fall snow becomes compressed and recrystalizes into a granular ice mat
percentage of material that is pore (open) space
the filling of soil water supply at times when plants need little moisture so there is some to fill underground water supply
all the water of the Earth including surface and water underground
ice caps
small ice sheets
ice front
the location where a glacier melts as fast as it moves forward
ice sheet
roughly circular or oval in shape
describes a rock material through which water does not pass easily
a broad stratified gently sloping deposit formed beyond the terminal moraine by streams
the airspaces in rocks (pores) means that water can pass through it
rock flour
a mixture of fine sand and silt formed by the crushing of rock under a glacier
snow line
the lowest level that permanent snow reaches in summer
scratches on rocks and bedrock due to glacier movement
the condtion of having rainfall greater than the need for moisture when the soil is already saturated (holding all it can hold)
unsorted and unstratified rock materials carried inthe bottom of a glacier
the condtion where plants draw water from the soila t times when the need for moisture is greater than the rainfall
valley glacier
a large slowmoving, wedge-shaped stream of ice
water budget
describes the income and outgo of water in a region
water cycle
the hydrologic cycle, a never-ending movement, of water from one part of the hydroshpere to another
water table
the surface below which the ground is saturated with water
the entire area drained by a stream and its tributaries