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Why is water the Universal Solvent?
Because so many substances are soluable in water. Water is a polar molecule
What is the amount of water on Earth?
97% Salt Water
3% Fresh (2% Frozen)
1% divided between the atmosphere, lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater.
What is an acid?
Sour taste, react with metals to produce H2, contains hydrogen

Using indicators:
Phenolphthalein(colorless paper): remains colorless then an acid
Litmus paper: Blue litmus-red in acid---red litmus--colorless acid
pH paper: measures how acidic the solution is
What is a base?
Bitter taste, slippery to touch, dissolves fats and oils, contains hydroxide ion

Using indicators:
Phenolphthalein (coloress paper): turns bright pink in a base
Litmus paper: blue litmus-stays blue for base--red litmus--turns blue for base
What is Acid Rain?
Rain or snow with a pH value that is less than the pH of unpolluted precipitation.

-CO2 is in the air and causes a natural acid rain
-Acid Rain are pollutants that are caused by car exhaust and industry.
What causes Natural Acid Rain?
CO2 is in the air and causes a natural acid rain.
What are the 8 parts of the Water Cycle?
1 Precipitation
2 Surface Runoff
3 Infiltration or Percolation
4 Absorption
5 Groundwater
6 Evaporation
7 Transpiration
8 Condensation
What is the water or hydrological cycle?
Water that is naturally recycled in a continuous process.
What drives the water cycle?
The sun is the source of energy which drives the water cycle.
To obtain clean drinking water...
1 Filtration
2 Coagulation
3 Second Filtration
4 Chlorination
5 Aeration
6 Additional Treatment such as adding fluoride.
To treat wastewater...
1 Gravity powered
2 Primary Treatment
3 Secondary Treatment
4 Additional treatment to remove phosphorous and nitrogen and may add chlorine to kill any remaining bacteria.
What does groundwater represent?
The largest reservoir of fresh water that is readily available to humans.