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Ancient Mesopotamian religion
Religion developed here (ziggurat) They were Polytheistic (6000 gods)
The legacy of ancient Mesopotamia
The idea of civilization-food production-invention of writing-use of metals-governments(kingships)-use of the wheel-mathematics
The archaic period of ancient Egypt
Was in the Nile Valley-Got little rain-Rivers carried organic matter keeping soil fertile-Very little contact with other peoples-Culture was very stable-Upper Kingdom and Lower Kingdom. Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt. King Narmer or Menes was the king that did this. Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom-Had 25 dynasties and over 600 Kings-Extended 3000 years.
Religion during the Egyptian Old Kingdom
Polytheistic-1000's of gods. Sun God Re was the highest god
King of the New Kingdom-Introduced monotheistic religion- Did this becuase priests were too powerful. When he died the religion dissapeared. Moses got his ideas from Akhenaton
Ancient Egyptian medicine
Believed the cause of illness came from sin/wrong doing. They had 2 kinds of doctors. A priest doctor was to determine the cause and remove the curse. The other doctor gave remedies and performed minor surgeries
The end of the egyptian Middle Kingdom
Middle Kingdo began when a dynasty started and got upper and lower Egypt together again. Nomads came (Hyksos) and invaded lower egypt. They created chaos.
Society in the Egyptian New Kingdom
Had social classes. Highest was King-Than priests-Then government officials-Then merchants and artisans-Then peasants-Then 6th class Military. New kingdom was a period of military expansion. Corvee= Temporary obligitory labor
The stability of ancient Egypt
Nature provided them with everything they needed. They stayed away from other civilizations. Egypt was isolated. Had one language, one concept of government, and one religion
The legacy of ancient Egypt
Did not influence much. Architecture was famous. The Egyptian solar calendar was very important. Pyramids and tombs of the Kings were famous
The division of the hebrew kingdom
After King Solomans death the kingdom was split into 2. North was Isreal and South was Judah (inhabited by 2 remaining tribes: Judah and Benjamin)
The demise of the Hebrew Kingdoms
8th century-Isreal was destroyed by the Assyrians. They could not conquer the island Judah. Eventually New Babylonians conquered Assyrians and Judah. The people of Judah were taken to Babylonia. Persians conquered Babylonia and allowed the people of Judah to return to their kingdom
Hebrew religous development
The hebrews were always monotheistic. Abraham made covenant with god. Moses recieved the orders. Other theory is that early Isrialites were Polytheistic. Monolatry=worshipping a single god but not denying the existence of other gods. After the period of Babylonian captivity, Isrialites developed idea "Messiah". Persian King was called this because he rescued them from the Babylonians
The legacy of the Hebrews
Monotheism was created by the Hebrews. Many current people follow thoughts of Monotheism. Had a system of morality
Heinrich Schliemann
Was a famous archaeologist that uncovered Troy and Mycenae
The Minoan civilization and Mycenaean civilization (Greek)
The Ageon civilization: First faze was Minoan, second was Mycenaean. Found writing called Linear A and Linear B- L.A. was found in Crete-L.B. was found on the mainland. Nothing of L.A. is understood. L.B. was understood. It was greek and came from the period of the Trojan War. Civilization was based on trade (wine, olive oil, ceremics)
The significance of the Aegean civilization
Was a commercial maratime civilization. Linear A was a peaceful civilization. Linear B was very violent. First European civilization. Very little trace of religion
The Indus Valley civilization
Along the Indus River. Until the British was never united under one rule. Based on agriculture by using waters from rivers and rain. Ended early for reasons that are unknown. They left writing that we dont understand. Had very strong centralized government. They traded with Mesopotamia
Early Indo-Aryan civilization
People from what is now S. Ukraine migrated. Had many different languages. Aryans invaded the Indo civilization and possibly caused the fall of the nation.
Early Aryan religion
Pantheon-many gods
The Indian caste system
Resulted from the Aryan invasion. The conquerers became the upper class-The natives were lower class.
The traditional religion. The religion may have no name. It had no historical begining. They believe when someone dies their soul transfers to a baby being born. Hinduism is Polytheistic (many gods) Some were monotheistic. Some were atheist. They did not eat beef. Cattle are worth more alive then dead. Self sacrifice was very important.
The "Buddha" Gautama was his actual name. Tried to analize why there was so much suffering in the world. He thought suffering came from desire. Felt you need to escape from desire to be at peace
The religion that developed from Gautama. There were 2 forms- The Lesser: consisted of eliminating suffering. The Greater: more like a religion, thought of Buddha as a god.
The Indian Empire of the 3rd century BCE
In Maurya-King Ashoka brought all of India together. Later on Buddhism vanished in India and Hinduism reigned
The first Neolithic culture in China
Civilization developed independently. Began on East coast along rivers. Yangshao was religion
The Xia dynasty of China
First of the dynasties (24 of them) Was in the period before writing
The Shang culture of China
First civilized phase in China. Developed writing. Had 1000's of signs. This was the bronze age, used chariots for warfare
The Chinese system of writing
Very hard to learn. People who knew it were very highly respected
Religion during the Shang period
No known begining or known name. Had one god (sun of heaven) Emporer was the link between worlds