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In what 3 ways is Christ revealed as the Promised One?
1. The Law
2. The Prophets
3. The Writings
What is the main verse regarding the law and what is Christ referred to in that verse?
Gen. 3:15, Seed
What are two places Christ is revealed in the Prophets?
1. The Davidic Covenant
2. The "Fifth Gospel" - Isaiah
What are 4 key places God promises an Offspring?
1. To Adam & Eve (Gen.3)
2. To Abraham
3. In Egypt (Exodus)
4. With David
What is one key chapter in the writings that will be employed by the NT writers in reference to Christ?
Psalm 8
What are 4 chair texts with regards to Christ as the Incarnate Son?
John 1:1-8
Phil. 2:5-11
Col. 1:15-20
Heb. 1:1-3
What does Logos mean?
What does theos mean?
Define sarx
Define skenoo
Dwelt among us
Define monogenes
only begotten, one and only
What are 3 affirmations found in the chair text of John?
eternal existence
eternal relationship
eternal identity
Define morphe theou
form of God
Define morphen doulou
form of man
Define keno
Define kurios
What question does Kenotic Christology raise?
The emptying of God in order to take on humanity
What are 3 key phrases found in the chair text of Philippians?
What are 4 affirmations found in the chair text of Philippians regarding the incarnation?
humility & obedience
Define eikon tou theou
Define Prototokos
First born
Define Pleroma
What are 7 attributes of Christ found in the chair text of Hebrews?
1. Heir
2. Creator
3. Exact imprint of God
4. sustainer
5. redeemer
6. intercessor
7. Superior Son
What is the key text with regards to Christ's humanity?
Heb. 2:17
What are the chair texts with regards to the virgin birth?
Matt. 1:18-25
Luke 1:26-38
Why is the adherence to the doctrine of the virgin birth necessary?
1. Says something about your worldview
2. says something about your view of the acceptance and authority of Scripture
3. Says something about your beliefs of the inerrancy of the Bible
What is the theological significance of the doctrine of the virgin conception? (3)
1. Affirms Scripture's veracity
2. Affirms Christ's Deity
3. Affirms Christ's Humanity
What are 4 characteristics Scripture speaks of that affirm the humanity of Jesus?
1. Hunger & Thirst
2. Weariness
3. Pain
4. Sorrow
Define peccability
Jesus was able not to sin
Define impeccability
Jesus was not able to sin
What is docetism?
Jesus only appeared to be human. It is a denial of the humanity of Jesus.
Which movement is associated with docetism?
2nd Century Gnosticism
What does gnosis mean?
Salvation will come through knowledge
Who was the early apologist who gave response to the docetists? What was his argument?
God had to become man in order for salvation to occur.
What is Ebionism?
Group that denies the genuine deity of Jesus. Rejects the virgin birth.
What movement is associated with Ebionism?
2nd Century Judaizers
What is Adoptionism?
Belief that God merely adopted Jesus as His son
What is another name for Adoptionism?
Dynamic Monarchianism
Who are key figures associated with Adoptionism?
Theodotus, Paul of Samasota
What are the names and dates of the 4 early councils?
1. Nicea (325)
2. Constantinople (381)
3. Ephesus (431)
4. Chalcedon (451)
Who were 3 key figures at the Council of Nicea?
1. Arius
2. Alexander
3. Althanasius
What was the big issue Nicea dealt with?
Was Jesus fully God and fully Man?
Who held the position at Nicea that Jesus was created and that there was a time when He was not?
Which two men at Nicea held the position that Jesus was indeed fully God and fully man because no creature can save another creature?
Alexander and Athanasius
What are 3 terms used to describe various ways Christ is related to the Father?
1. Homoousios - He shares the same substance with the Father
2. Homoiousios - like nature, but not consubstantial with the Father
3. Heteroousios - differant nature from the Father
What two creeds are responsible for stabilizing the doctrines of the Trinity and Christ?
Nicene, Chalcedonian
Who are the 3 key schools at Constantinople?
What were the two issues to be resolved at Constantinople?
Incarnation - did Jesus really assume human flesh if He doesn't have a human mind?
Who reasoned at Constantinople regarding Christ's humanity that it would be impossible for someone to possess a human mind and be without sin?
Who are the key figures at the Council of Ephesus?
Theodore of Mopsuestia
What is the main issues at Ephesus?
How many persons and how many natures are in Jesus
Alexandrian position was what at Ephesus?
Hypostatic Union - He exists as one person with two natures
What is hypostatic Union?
One Person with two natures
What is theotokos?
God-bearer. It is the affirmation that Jesus is truly God and truly Man
What was the solution at Ephesus?
Two natures in One Person
Who are 2 key figures at the Chalcedon council?
Pope Leo
Who espoused the doctrine of monophysitism?
What is the doctrine of monophysitism?
The divine nature and the human nature mingle producing a third kind of nature in Jesus
What is tertium quid?
Idea that human nature is swallowed up in dividn, becoming another kind of creature altogether.
What was the resolution of Chalcedon?
Condemn Eutyches and affirm two natures, one person. Upheld decisions at Nicea and Constantinople.
What are 3 "offices" of Christ?
Prophet, Priest and King
How does He funtion in each?
Prophet: comes to reveal God to the earth
Priest: Once for all sacrifice for sin; intercedes continuously
King: holds all authority and power; Lord of all
What are the two infancy narratives?
Matthew 1 and Luke 1
What are 4 events told of in scripture concerning Christ's childhood?
1. Birth or infancy
2. Circumcision
3. Escape to Egypt
4. Mission (Father's house)
What passages record Jesus Baptism and Temptation?
Baptism Matt 3:13-17
Temptation Matt 4:1-11
What is the main thing Jesus' miracles attest?
His Kingship or Lordship
What are 3 aspects of Jesus' mission?
1. Seek and save the lost
2. Imitate the Father
3. Not to be served but to serve
What are 3 chair texts for Jesus' suffering and death?
Isaiah 52:13-53
2 Cor 5:18-21
Heb 9-10
What are the 3 questions the passage in Isaiah asks?
What have we humans done?
What has the Father done?
What has the Servant done?
What are key phrases in the Corinthians passage?
Reconciled, ambassadors, sin-bearer
What passage contains principles for the Christian life?
2 Cor. 5:14-20
What are the questions asked about the Christian life?
1. Who do you live for?
2. What do you think about others?
3. What do you think about yourself?
4. What kind of ministry do you have?
What are Thomas Oden's 4 Models regarding the Atonement?
1. Exemplar Model - atoning work of Christ serves as some example
2. Governor Model - God is exercising government over the world He made
3. Exchange Model - some exchange is being made at the cross
4. Victor Model - some conquest is being accomplished at the cross
What are 8 theories of Atonement and a main proponent of each?
1. Ransom - Origen, Augustine
2. Recapitulation - Irenaeus
3. Satisfaction - Anselm
4. Moral Influence - Rashdall
5. Governmental - Grotius
6. Mystical - Schleiermacher
7. Universal Reconciliation - Barth
8. Penal Substituion - Luther, Calvin
What theory of atonement was the dominant view in early church history?
Which theory of atonement has various varieties that exist which focus on "from What" or "from whom" man is freed?
Ransom Theory
Which theory holds that the atonement reverses course set for us by Adam; something went wrong but now Christ is going to make things right?
Recapitulation Theory
Which theory of the atonement
holds the general concept that God is a holy, just God and His justice must be honored?
The Satisfaction Theory
Which theory of the atonement
holds that the love of Christ shown on the cross inspires our own love and thus causes us to cease rebelling?
Moral Influence Theory
Which theory of the atonement
holds that Christ did not bear the penalty for human sins but that his suffering shows us the penalty for sin?
Governmental Theory
Which theory of atonement holds that through it we are able to undergo a mystical transformation by living the divine life?
Mystical Theory
Which theory of atonement holds that all humanity is reconciled in the elect Man, Jesus and it is the ministry of the church to proclaim the gospel so they can know the truth?
Universal Reconciliation Theory
Which atonement theory holds that Christ's death is in fact the penalty for our sins and He stands in our place?
Penal Substitution Theory
What are 9 characteristics of the later 1800's penal-substitution view of atonement?
1. necessary
2. objective
3. penal/punitive
4. substitutionary (vicarious)
5. propitiatory
6. Satisfactory
7. Redemptive
8. Justificatory
9. Reconciliatory
What is the chair text for the Resurrected Lord?
1 Cor 15
What are 9 theories of the resurrection?
1. swoon theory
2. spirit theory (not bodily)
3. vision theory (hallucinated)
4. Legend/Myth theory
5. stolen body
6. wrong tomb
7. deliberate lie
8. mistaken identity
9 twin theory
What does the ascension signal?
The triumphant end to Jesus' eartly ministry and the promised gift of the Holy Spirit.
What does Jesus' session remind us? (4)
-Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father
-He sustains creation by His word and power
-He is our advocate
-He intercedes on our behalf
What does the doctrine of ascension and session remind Christians?
The church has been given a mission while we wait for Him to return again.
What are some facts about Jesus from the NT?
- Died by crucifixion
- buried in a tomb
- death caused despair and loss of hope in disciples
- timid disciples became emboldened
- He appeared to many
- Tomb was found empty
- claims were first made in Jerusalem