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Four Occurrences of the seed within the Law
Genesis 3:15
Genesis 4:25; 9:9; 12
Exodus 32:13; 33:1
Deuteronomy 1:8; 10:15; 30:19; 7:12-16
Three Occurrences of the seed within the Prophets (Davidic Covenant)
1 Kings 2:33
2 Samuel 22:51
2 Samuel 7:12-16 (A forever king who rules a forever kingdom)
Three Themes in Genesis 3 Concerning the Seed
Divine Penalty
Divine Promise
Divine Provision
Five Promises Concerning the Christ found within the Davidic Covenant (2 Samuel 7)
The promise of presence (v.9)
The promise of a "great name" (v.9)
The promise of a place (v.10)
The promise of peace/rest and a "house" (v.11)
The promise of the offspring (vv.12ff) Through Solomon and to the Promised One - a forever King on a forever throne
Five Occurrences of the Christ within the Fifth Gospel (Isaiah)
Isaiah 6:1 "High and lifted up"
Isaiah 57:15
Isaiah 52:13
Isaiah 7 - Prophecy of one "born of a virgin"
Isaiah 9 - The Son associated with judgment.
Four Occurrences of the Christ in Psalm 2
Relation to Psalm 1
The King on Zion, the Lord's holy hill (v. 6)
The Lord's Son (v.7)
The call to response (v.12)
Three Occurrences of the Christ in Psalm 8
The background of Genesis 1
The reference to Adam and man in general
The reference to the particular man, Jesus
Four Characteristics of God's Worshipers in Psalm 24
The pursuit of the Lord by His people (v.3)
The purity of His people (v.4)
The possibility of the pursuit of the Lord by His people (v.5)
The pursuit of the Lord by His people (v.6)
Four Chair NT Texts concerning Christ as Creator and Sustainer.
John 1:1-18
Colossians 1
Hebrews 1
Philippians 2
Five Key Terms from John 1:1-18
Three Affirmations taken from John 1:1-18
Affirmation of eternal existence
Affirmation of external relationship
Affirmation of eternal identity
Three Key Themes in Philippians 2
Four Affirmations in Philippians 2
Affirmation of Deity
Affirmation of Humanity
Affirmation of Humility and Obedience
Affirmation of Lordship
Five Key Themes in Colossians
Order of Creation (15-18a)
Order of Salvation (18b-20)
Jesus is the Incarnate God
Jesus is the Crucified Christ
Jesus is the Victorious Lord
Six Attributes of Jesus in Hebrews 1
Heir (v. 2)
Creator (v. 2)
Exact imprint of God's nature/hypostasis (v. 3)
Sustainer (v. 3)
Redeemer (v. 3)
Intercessor (v. 3)
Eleven Ways The Son is Superior in Hebrews
To the Angels
To Moses
To Aaron
A Superior hope (7:19)
A Superior covenant (7:22; 8:6)
Superior promise (8:6)
Superior sacrifice (9"23; 12:24)
A Superior possession (10:34)
Superior country (11:16)
A Superior resurrection (11:33)
A superior privilege (11:40)
Four Early Concils
Nicaea (325)
Constantinople (381)
Ephesus (431)
Chalcedon (451)
Three major parties at Nicaea
Three major parties at Constantinople
Alexandrian & Anthiochene
Two major parties at Ephesus
Theodore of Mopsuestia
Two major parties at Chalcedon
Pope Leo
Four ways the NT Speaks of Christ's Kingdom
It's Foretelling: A new age once foretold
It's Nature: The reign and rule of God
It's Triumph: over the kingdom of darkness
It's Final Establishment: an "unshakeable kingdom"
3 Different "Offices" of Christ's Life and Ministry
Four Important Events in Christ's Childhood
Birth and Infancy
Circumcision (Luke 2:22ff.)
Flight (Matthew 2/Hos 1:1)
His Father's House (Luke 2:41ff)
Four Important Aspects about His Baptism
A public declaration as the Son of God
A public display of submission to the Father
A public display of His mission (Death and Resurrection)
A witness to the Trinity
Six More Important Aspects about Christ's Life and Ministry
His Temptation
His Teaching
His Miracles
His Transfiguration
His Worship
His Mission
Three Key Verses Related to Christ's Mission
Luke 19:10 (To seek and save the lost)
John 5:19 (Accomplishing His Father's will)
Matt 20:28/Mark 10:45 (Not to be served, but to serve)
Eight Theories of the Atonement
Moral Influence
Universal Reconciliation Theory
Penal Substitution
Nine Aspects of teh Penal-Substitution View of the Atonement
Objective (Has real effects)
Ten Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus
Mary Magdalene
Other women
Two disciples
Ten Apostles
Eleven Apostles
Seven Apostles
The Apostles and more than 500 disciples
James, Jesus' brother
The disciples
Five Things that Jesus' Session Reminds Us
Chirst is seated at the right hand of the Father
He sustains creation by His word of power
He accomplished the finished work of atonement
He serves as our Advocate
He ever intercedes on our behalf