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What are the 7 DNA virus families?
1. Poxviridae
2. Herpesviridae
3. Papillomaviridae
4. Polyomaviridae
5. Adenoviridae
6. Hepadnoviridae
7. Parvoviridae
Poxviruses have double stranded DNA, complex capsids and envelopes, and are the largest viruses(up to 300 nm). TRUE/FALSE
What is variola major and minor?
Smallpox, also known as variola exists in a major and minor form. The major type is the more severe form with a mortality of 20% or greater. The minor type, has a mortality rate of < 1%. Both infect organs and cause high fever, malaise, delirium and prostration.
What is Molluscum contagiosum?
It is caused by the Molluscipoxvirus. It is given by smooth, waxy tumor like nodules on the face and trunk and limbs and is spread by contact infected children. A genital form exists. Nodules are removed by freezing or chemical means.
Ocular herpes is caused by a latent infection with HSV-1, that travels down the opthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve. TRUE/FALSE
What is Whitlow?
Both Herpes 1/11 may cause an inflammed blister called a whitlow if the virus enters a cut or break in the skin of a finger.
What is Herpes gladiatorum?
Athletes may develop this from contact with HSV-1 lesions on the skin during wrestling. herpes may also cause encephalitis, meningitis and pneumonia.
Can herpes viruses form syncytiums?
HSV-1 is usually contracted in childhood, and HSV-2 is usually contracted between ages 15-29. TRUE/FALSE
List 3 treatment protocols for Herpes>
1. Acyclovir
2. Iododeoxyuridine
3. Trifluridine
Name 3 Herpes virus infections.
1. Varicella-zoster virus
2. Epstein- Barr
3. Cytomegalovirus
Cytomegalovirus is so called because infected cells become enlarged. TRUE/FALSE
TRUE. About half the US population is infected with CMV.
What are Hepadnoviridae?
They are enveloped DNA viruses with icosahedral capsids that invade and replicate in liver cells. The genome includes both double stranded and single stranded DNA.
Does Hepatitis B belong to this group?
Hepatitis B virus in the genus Orthohepadnovirus is unique among DNA viruses in that it replicates through an RNA intermediary.
List the RNA pathogenic viruses?
1. Picornaviridae
2. Caliciviridae
3. Astroviridae
4. Togaviridae
5. Flaviviridae
6. Coronaviridae
7. Retroviridae
8. Paramyxoviridae
9. Rhabdoviridae
10. Filoviridae
11. Orthomyxoviridae
12. Bunyaviridae
13. Arenaviridae
14. Reoviridae
Picornaviridae are the smallest of animal viruses(22-30nm diamter). TRUE/FALSE
Name some diseases related to the Picornaviridae.
1. Rhinovirus- common cold
2. Enterovirus- polio, Hepatitis A
3. Coxsackie A/B
4. Echoviruses meningitis/ colds
Pleconaril reduces the seriousness and duration of colds. TRUE/FALSE
Calicivirus and Astroviruses are small, round enteric viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis. TRUE/FALSE
Caliciviruses cause diarrhea, and vomiting, and the best studied are the noroviruses. TRUE/FALSE
Hepatitis E is in its own family(Hepaviridae) and cause enteric hepatitis. TRUE/FALSE
List three diseases caused by togaviruses.
Eastern equine encephalitis
western equine "" """
Venezuelen equine '' ""
St Louis, Japanese, West Nile and Russian spring summer are flaviviruses. TRUE/FALSE
dengue fever or breakbone fever is caused by a flavivirus and is transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. TRUE/FALSE
Yellow fever is caused by what type of virus?
Flavivirus. It leads to degeneration of the liver, kidneys, and heart with jaundice massive hemorrhaging and black vomiting. It is fatal in app. half of all cases.
Rubella is what type of virus?
Rubivirus is a togavirus. (German measles)
Hepatitis C is a flavivirus. TRUE/FALSE
Coronaviruses have envelopes and are the 2nd most frequent cause of colds. TRUE/FALSE