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Digestive tract
GI tract, upper/lower, normal flora: oral/intestines. Strepocococci most common
large collect biofilm, dental plaque(millions of bacteria) chewing protective flushes mouth, Lysozyme IgA
Lysozyme, IgA, HCL, bile is antimicrobial, perstalisis moves bacteria along prevent colonization
large intestine
large number of organisms, abudant nutrient in feces
e. coli, Bacteriodes, enterbacter faecalis, K. pneumoniae
Upper Digestive tract
Stomach: rare
most comon in mouth dental gum infections, cavities tooth decay(strep mutans) thrive on sugar breakdown produce acid erode teeth fluride harden enamel
Peridontal Disease
Bleeding gums, bad breath, gum sensitivity, receding gums, loose teeth, discolored, plaqu buildup, gingivitis: inflamed gingal crevice due to immune response
Trench Mouth (treponema)
Extreme gingivitis, necrosis and ulceration bleeding gums painful
Helicobacter pylori gastritis
helicobacter pylori, like acidic, urease: break down urea to ammonia neutralizing less acidic cause ulcers and gastric carcinoma, abdominal bleeding/pain. Infection determine IgM recent, IgP for past infection, transmission thru fecal-oral route
herpes simplex
fever/blisters(virions), tingling itching, painful sensation, infected saliva, fatal immunodeficiency
viral illness, attacks salivary/parotid gland (MMR) virus reproduces upper resp. causes sterility-males, inflamation can cross blood brain barrier.