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What are the 2 key components of the attachment phase of a child's life?
-FOrmation if an attachment to mother or primary care giver

- Sepration from primary care giver or mother btw 7-12 months
What is the cause and associated problems in failure to thrive?
- Cause = children w/o proper mothering

Problems = developmental retardation, poor health and growth, high death rates
What is the order that physical development proceeds in?
Cephalocaudal or proximodistal
What are the reflexes that disappear during the physical development of an infant?
Motor Refelx, rooting, palmar grasp, babinski reflex
What are the key social and motor milestones at 9months? (7-11mnths)
MOtor = crawl, pincer grasp, pull himself up to stand

Social = withdraws from unfamilar people, respond to simple instructions, use gestures
What are the key social and motor milestones at 18 months? (1.5 yrs)
Motor= climb stairs one foot at a time, scribble, throw ball, stack 3 blocks

Social = say own name, use 10 words, RAPPROCHEMENT
What are the key social and motor milestones at 4 yrs?
Motor = button garments / groom themselves, create simple drawing, hop on one foot, throw a ball, copy a cross

Social = Imaginary friend, plays with other childeren, good self expression
What is the normal age to learn to tie your shoe
6 yrs old
What do children ages 3-6 think about death?
DO not completely understand the meaning of death
WHat are the markers of puberty?
Onset of menstruation of first ejaculation, cognitive growth and formation of personality
What are the five stages of dying?
Denial, Anger, bargaining, depression, Acceptance
Place the following milestones in the order that they appear during development:

stranger anxiety,
social smile
Core gender identity
1) social smile
2) Stranger Anxiety
3) Rapprochement
4) core gender identity
5) phobias
How does a preteen (10 yr olds) view of family change?
Peers become more important than family
What is the infant mortality rate in the US?
7.2 per 1000 births
What is the incidence of postpartum "blues"?
IN 1/3 to 50% of births
What is the incidence of postpartum psychosis?
.1% - .2% of births
What are four key characteristincs of adults who have been abused?
depression, anxiety, phobias, inability to deal with the aggression of others
Place the following developmental milestones in the order that they appear:

Social Smile
Stranger anxiety
Track object / face
sit unassisted
Tract object / face
social smile
Sit unassisted
Stranger anxiety
What are the characteristics of depression in the elderly?
Often associated with memory loss and cognitive problems
What is climacterium?
Diminuition is psychologic fnc that occurs during midlife
What are 4 common causes of baby blues?
hrmn level, fatigue, lack of support, emotional stress, feelings of additional responsibility
What are the characteristics of major postpardum depression?
guilt, hoplessness, ungroomed, little interest in usual activities or baby
What is anaclitic depression
Withdrwal or lack of responsiveness by infant

Associated problems = failure to thrive, underweight, lack of appetite
What is hospitalism?
NOrmal children who came to orphanages and ended up with severe developmental retardation, poor health and higher death rates
What is inhibited reactive attachment disorder?
Child is unresponsive or fails to develop an attachment to anyone
What is disinhibited reactive attachment disorder?
Child hugs and kisses strangers and instantly shows affection
What are the criteria for obtaining and Apgar Score and what are normal and abnormal values?
Heat rate, resp rate, muscle tone, body color, reflex irritability 7-10 normal, below 4 abnormal
What does the Brazelton scale access?
What is object permanence and when do children acquire it?
12-15 months and the concept that despite the fact that something can not be seen, it still exists
What is encopresis?
What is enuresis?
Bed wetting
When do children develop parallel play?
Around 2 yrs old