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Under what disorder does major depression fall?
Mood disorder
HOw does mood disorder affect cognition?
Cognitive changes occur 2ndry to mood disorder when not treated
What are the characterstics of major depression?
-Sad/Empty mood
-loss of pleasure/interest
-fatigue/loss of energy
-worthlessness/excessive guilt
-inability to concentrate
-suicidal thoughts
-change in vegetative signs
What is the suicide progression?
Suicide progression
What is the vegatative sign?
-Food consumption: incr or decreased
-Elimination: diarrea or constipation
-Sleep: insomnia, hypersomnia
-Activity: psychomotor retardation
How many symptoms have to be present and how long to be DX w/major depression?
-5 symptoms and they have to be severe enough to disrupt function.
-must last a minimum of 2 weeks
What is dysthymia?
chronic mood disorder w/ mild signs and symptoms lasting for 2 yrs in adults
What are the signs/symptoms of dysthymia?
*All signs of depression in a marginal basis
*No mania state
*No depression state