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A-La-Carte menu
a meny on which each item carries its own price
the ease which a guest can enter leave and utilitizw a property also applies to the ability of guests in wheelchairs or needing other assistance to utilize a facility
a.m. room statys report
a report detailing the status of each room created by a house keeping supervisor from sectopn of house keepers repirts usually created by noon
services or goods offered to hotle guests in addition to a basic room, such as soaps, robes, a game room, or a pool
bed and breakfast (B&B)
a privateresidence that hasbeen turned into an owner-operated commercial inn, usually with only 4 or 5 guest rooms and breakfast is included in the cost of the room
bed and breakfast inn
a snakk ubb sunukar ti vyt larger than a B&B whiich may also host weddings or other special events and in chich breakfast is included with the cost of the room
central reservation system (CRS)
a reservation system utilized by a hotel chain that allows cyztomers to call one # usually a toll-free one to make resercations to any hotel in the chain
commercial hotel
usually a large hotel designed for business travelers offering dinind service and often a meeting roomm free breakfast and other amenities
complimentary room
a room for which the hotel does not charge a fee often offered to a group paying for a specified # of rooms
continental breakfast
a light breakfast usually consisting of muffins of sweet rolls plus coffee juice or tea often provided free or charge to hotel guests
corporate lodging system
a corporation that owns and operates one or more lodging operations
corporate rate
a special discount rate for hotel rooms offered to business travelers
county inn
a small commercial inn tat offers lodging and a restayrant usually with 6-30 rooms and generally offering breakfast included with the cost of the room
cumulative attraction
a term for lodging located near other attractions such as amusement parks or well known restaurants
destination market
a populat tourist attraction such as the grand canyon that attracts large numbers of visitors