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When you create an index whose key is a single-field, you have createdwhat type of index
single-gield index and single-column index D. both A and B are correct
Whey you create an index that contains multiple fields, it is also known as what
D. a and c are correct.multiple field index and multiple column index
What is the preventio of unauthorized access to the datebase
WhICH command will grant SELECT rights to user Franklin fo the Rep table
When you create an index whose key is a single-field, you have createdwhat type of index
single-gield index and single-column index D. both A and B are correct
When a primary ckey cannot allow null values, this restriction is called what
D. entitiy integrity
A field or collection of vields in a table whose value is required to match the value of a primary key for a second table is known as a
A. foreign key
Waht is the name of the rule taht states that if table A contains a foreign key that matches the primarykey of table B, the values of this foreign must either match the value of the primary key for some row in table B or be null?
B. referential integrity
To create teh primary key clause for the Customer table on teh CustomerNum field, which of the following is correct
A. PRIMARY KEY (CustomerNum)
You can specify the Foreign key clause in which of the following commands
A. Alter table.
Which command will remove an index?
C. Drop
An advantage of a view is to
D. all of above are correct

provide independence
allow different users to view the same data different ways
have the view contain only those fields required by a given users
The main mechanishm for increasing teh effciency with which dat is retrieved from teh database is known as teh what
A. index
Which of the following statements is true when a view is created from a table
B. Column names in the view need not e the same as the table.
The select command of a CREATE VIEW statement is also called what
A. the defining query
After creating a view using two table, we must use which clause to join both tables together
C. where
After creating a view, you must use which command to see the fields and rows
a table that possesses a certain desirable collection of properties is known as being
A. relations
Which table contains infomation about the actual indexesthat are defined on teh tables in teh DBMS
C. Sysindexes
Which normal form has the additional condition that no nonkey column is dependent on oly a portion ot the primary key
B. second
Which normal form is automatically plced into this category if the primary key contains a single column
B. second
What is naother name for a nonkey column is a
A. nonkey attribute