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What is nationalism
Think your is the best
Who did Russia go to war with?
Who set up missionaries in Africa?
David Livingston
Who were the anicient leaders of Japan?
Where did the British prisoners go?
What group was heavily persectued by europe?
Which couyntry helped Italy gain their independence?
what is the name of the war with China and europeans?
Opium war
Where was Otto von Bismark from?
What helped with transportation in Egypt?
Suez Canal
What was teh name given to dutch settelers in Africa
What was the first war in which an asian nation beat an European nations
Russio Japanese war
Who was born in Italy and helped with revolutions in South America
What is the mass massacre of Jews called?
What was the time when dutch settlers left South Africa
The Great Trek
Who created the telegraph
samuel morse
What was the sepoy rebellion?
Rebellion of Indians against British
What caused the sepoy rebellion
British forced teh Indians to fight using guns that used pg and cow fat
What caused the sepoy rebellion
British forced the Indians to fight using guns that used pig and cow fat
Who were the Zulus controlled by?
Who did the Zulus defeat
Egypt went into debt after what?
rebuilding the Suez Canal/
When did britain take over Egypt
After egypt went innto debt
what was the south african Boer war?
Afrikaners wanted to break away from British Influence. Afrikaners surrendured.
What was Young ITaly?
A nationalist organization
Who formed Young Italy
Giuseppe Mazzini
Who was Otto von Bismark
prussia'a prime minister
What was otto von bismarkls plan?
to unite germany by driving out AUstria and to bring other states under Prussian control
What was otto von bismarks's speech
blood and iron
What was Zionism
when Jews went to israel
What was the dreyfus Affair
jews were falsley accused of crimes
Who was the boer war betweeen?
dutch settlers in South africa and british.
Wh olost hte boer war
dutch(boers lost)
What did Alexander Grahm Bell invent
telephone phonograph
Who was the Franco Prussian War between
France and Prussia
Why dud OPrussia want a war with France
So the Germans would from a nation under Prussia
Who was the 7 weeks war between
Prussia and Austria
Who won the Seven weeks war
What did France create
a machine gun
Who won the franco Prissian war
did the Germans get land in the franco prussian war
Who was Cavour
he was the orime minister of Sardinia who asked napolean for help in getting rid of Austrians
what is imperialism
the case in which one country dominates another
What was the spanish AMerican war
it was a war theat lasted 4 months and America won.
What hapopened with Cuba after the Spanish aaamerican war
it became free
What did America gain from the Spanish AMerican war
Puerto Rico and Guam
What is racism
you do not like one or another race
Who was the sino-japanese war between?
china and japan
who won the sino japanese war
What was the boxer rebellion
chinese mobs attacked misisonaries
Waht happened after the boxer rebellion
An army of soldiers rescued their immigrants and wanted payment for attacks on citizens