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Exception handler
A section of code that is executed when a particular exception occurs. In Java, it appears within a "catch" clause of a try-catch-finally control structure.
Switch expression
The expression whose value determines which "switch" label is selected. It must be an integer type other than "long."
Assignment expression
A Java expression with (1) a value and (2) the side effect of storing the expression value into a memory location
Expression statement
A statement formed by appending a semicolon to an assignment expression, an increment expression, or a decrement expression
A measure of the effort expended by the computer in performing a computation, relative to the size of the computation
"for" statement
A looping statement commonly used to implement count-controlled loops
"do" loop
A general-purpose looping statement that works similarly to the "while" loop; it is a convenient choice for loops that test input values and then repeat if the input is not correct
"switch" statement
A multiway selection statement that allows the code to choose among a set of branches
"throw" statement
Gives the ability to throw exceptions when they are detected
An unusual situation that is detected while an application is running