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Classical Theory
Founder Beccaria: Cost/Benefit, Pursuit of Pleasure, Minimize Pain, Free Will Choice
Positivist Theory
Founder Lombroso: Caused/Determined, Emphasis on biological, psychological, sociological deficiencies
Chicago School
Shaw + McKay+Sampson et al.: Disorganized communities -social control breakdown, -criminal cultures emerge, -lack “collective efficacy”, -unable to fight back
Shaw and McKay
Based study off of Ernast Burgess “Zones” of city: poverty, rapid population growth, heterogeneity, transiency. These disrupt social institutions – Higher crime in these areas = “Social Disorganization”

More then one type of moral institution - "groups" compete for their allegience
Sampson and Grove
Inner-city crime because residents lost: informal social control
Sampson + Wilson
"Race, Poverty and Place" : Disorganizations across communities are intimately linked to racial inequality.

Social Isolation
Race and crime determinant
-Structural social disorganization
-Cultural social isolation
Sampson et al.
“collective efficacy” - unable to fight back

Informal Social control
Social Cohesion and Trust