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1983 Lawsuit
Code against anyone who denies others the right to life, liberty or property w/o due process of law
civil rights
Biven's action
Based on Biven's vs. Six Unknow Federal Agents, agents denied the constitutional right of others
1983 Action
internal affairs
branch tasked with investigating charges of wrongdoers within a police deptment
police department
Knapp Commision
A commitiy that investigates police corruption in New York
leagalistic style
style of policing marked by a strict concern with enforcing the precise letter of the law
less-than-lethal weapons
a weapon designed to disable, capture, or immobalize, but not kill
Police Officer Standars and Trainging program
Standards set by all states that regulate police training
police acadamy
police community relations
stresses the need for police and commuinity cooperation
Biscoe v. Arlington County
Alvin Biscoe was struck by a police car invovled in a high speed chase and lost both legs. The state rewarded him $5 million.
City of Conton, Ohio v. Harris
ruled tha a "failure to train" a police officer is the responsibility or the police department
Hunter v. Bryant
Officers who responsibly but mistakenly conclude that probable casue is present are covered by immunity
Idaho v. Horiuchi
officers are not immune from actions that violate state law
Malley v. Briggs
Officers who arrests or conducts a search w/o an improperly issued warrent is can be faced with monetary fines
Maurice Turner v. The Fraturnal Order of Police
can drug test employees
drug tests